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Thread: Random Image Script

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    Default Random Image Script
    Are we allowed to discuss scripting here as it is a Web App forum?

    I've been designing a small Web App that rolls up to 5 dice. It all went well until I had two or more dice on the screen using 1 of 6 random images. Can you guess what they did? They both choose the same image every time - so it's always doubles...

    I've tried other scripts that use choose from gallery but none have worked so far. The only thing I can thing of now is to use frames, where each dice is its own frame without a border or scroll bar.

    Anyone have a working random image script that meets my needs?

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    Post what you have for code, as can be done without frames.

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    Sorry I don't have the code anymore. Deleted it after several failed attempts of editing it.

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    If you had it working with 1 is was way you added 2-6.

    Without seeing your code and seeing issue, can only suggest this.

    Since dice i assume images named 1.gif 2.gif 3.gif 4.gif 5.gif 6.gif

    You are using a random # generator 1-6

    You are have 5 place holders by a 1 by 5 array

    now there are a # of ways todo this but simpliest way is to use a for loop

    For roll of dice 1 to 5
    result=random code;
    placeholder[roll of dice] = [result].gif;


    Its not coded for you, but you should be able to follow without being spoonfeed.
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