The Dynamic Geometric Wallpaper pack is now available right here on Modmyi!

Made for Cydget, GroovyLock, and LockHTML3.
Random geometric shapes that use random colors too, in 8 different styles.
Using one will change your lockscreen every time you turn on your phone, endless possibilities.

There's also a configure.js file you can edit to remove certain color schemes and also edit which random theme it will use if you use the RandomGeometryThemeSingleColor theme.

Should work on all iDevices, but let me know if you run into an scaling problems.
Feedback/ideas are welcome, just leave a reply and I'll see if I can make it happen.

In a future update I should have fixed the Cydget problem some are having with trying to get another Cydget on top of the Geometic wallpaper.