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Thread: iPod touch Stock wallpapers (silhouette people)

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    Default iPod touch Stock wallpapers (silhouette people)
    When I had an iPod touch, I loved these wallpapers. I then sold the iPod and got the iPhone.
    Now I cannot find these wallpapers anywhere on the internet and I want them for my iPhone.

    If anyone could upload them/give me a link that would be awesome. Thanks.


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    I happen to have the same problem as you do in the exactly same situation., but I just found an easy workaround a couple of months ago. An .ipsw file is like a container, I think it contains two .dmg files which will be the partitions in the iPhone/iPod Touch. To see them, right click the .ipsw file and chose "Show contents of the package" (Don't open the .ipsw file right away, otherwise it will pop open in iTunes.). Those two .dmg are the actual iPhone filesistem but if you try to mount them it will ask you for the password. You can look down the password for that specific firmware on the web, but the easiest thing you can do is to create a custom firmware with pwnage tool, which will remove this restrictions. So, when you have the custom firmware and you try to browse the contents of the package and mount the .dmg, it won't ask for the password.There you go, from there it's just looking and trying to find what you need. The files you are looking for are in a folder called "Wallpapers", which I think they are in /private/var/stash/ (I think they are there). You need to take that folder and place it in the same location but on the iphone, but that will erase the stock iPhone wallpapers. If you want to have both iPhone and iPod wallpapers, you pick the wallpapers you want and it's really important you change their names for something else, otherwise you will replace the files in the iPhone that are named the same, and put the files inside the wallpapers folder in the iPhone. One thing that will freak you out is that at least i couldn't open the wallpaper files and see which wallpaper it were (until i had them replaced on my iPhone) and it would only show me a question mark in preview. That's because the wallpapers are in the iPhone/iPod's own propietary image format.I think there are 3rd pary tools to view such files on the mac, but honestly, i just wanted all the files, so i just put them on the iPhone and that's it. I can't remember if i rebooted the device after y replaced the files,but in any case do it for safety reasons. I hope i've been clear enough. Let me know how it worked.


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    You know, right after I posted this, I thought of your idea!
    So I'm going to try it right now and see if it works.

    It's not working. To my surprise, I don't see a "show package contents" option.
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    Ok, then there's a simple solution for this, grab the .ipsw file and then right click it and compress it, then delete the original file. Uncompress the file you just created and it will do it in two phases. The first one will uncompress the file, the second one will unarchive the .ipsw file, then the final result will be a folder containing the files you have to look for. Basically, it's just compressing and letting it decompress. I hope i've been clear enough, my english is not very good. Always remember that in order to open the DMGs, the .ipsw MUST BE PWNED, otherwise, it will ask you for the password and it's tricky to find them on the web.


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    why don't you just ask for them......

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