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Thread: Wallpaper app image backup help?

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    Default Wallpaper app image backup help?
    Ok people. I have been searching for days and have not found an answer so now I am posting......

    I want to ge ready to clear my phone for 2.0 Yet I want to keep some of the wallpapers that I saved to the wallpaper app gallery.
    Trying to find these has been difficult.

    Where are these images stored?
    The closest I can come is finding a wallpaper.plist file in one of the folders.
    But when I try to access it from my Mac it wont open, and using Mobil Finder on the phone to look at the file just hangs the phone and it reboots itself after a min or so.

    I found the folder that has all the other stock wallpaper images, and it has some other .png and .jpg files in there, but they seem to be corrupted as nothing will open them on the phone or my Mac. Plus there are not enough of them (i have save a heck of a lot of images to the gallery, i change my wallpaper daily)

    I'd just like to copy them over to my Mac so I can have them for use after i clear it all and go 2.0. :-)

    Anyone know where I can find the images so I can back them up?


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    Go to /private/var/mobile/library/wallaper/

    they are all in there.
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