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Thread: vWallpaper requests and how to's

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    can someone make me a vWallpaper
    with the NFL logo beating like a heart beat?
    It's inmost of the new comercials I think.
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    If you can link me a video from youtube I can make one.

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    Hi would anyone be kind enough to make me a vwallpaper with sound from this youtube video.

    [ame=]YouTube - How We Do - The Game Ft. 50 Cent Produced By Dr.Dre (720p HD) Uncensored Dirty[/ame]

    Thanks in advance, greatly appreciated.
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    [ame=]YouTube - Randy Orton 2009 Titantron HD[/ame]

    This would be great. Also, can you post how to create a video yourself? I'm having trouble getting the right dimensions for the videos to show properly.

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    Default Cowboys!!
    Could someone please make a Dallas Cowboy vwallpaper ringtone set to the song crank that cowboy by Travis Barker, please!!!

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    can someone make me a vwallpaper video of a verry horny blond/brunette girl naked/nude?

    thx already!

    we need more naked !!

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    you think you can do Trivium - pull harder on the strings of your martyr video, wallpaper 29.00s-44.00s

    is there an easier way to do this i want to make my own, and i dont have photoshop.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stagr View Post
    you think you can do Trivium - pull harder on the strings of your martyr video, wallpaper 29.00s-44.00s

    is there an easier way to do this i want to make my own, and i dont have photoshop.
    there are serveral video editing programs, such as Sony Vegas Pro, Camtasia, Adobe Premiere, etc, you can download free video editing (camtasia) and edit the videos.
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    Yes seriously someone make this video in good quality. I've been scouring this forum for this vRingtone in good quality just for it to be at the end of this whole thread lmfao.

    Yes someone please make this, Orton is sick

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    Default Randy Orton
    Sorry been away , well someone stold my iphone so I lost intrest in video making. SO i decide to make a few.

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    Can Someone get the animated background like the Nexus One has. The purple spinning galaxy thing.

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    Hi all, got a request here:

    It's a sony PS3 Waves vWallpaper that i pulled off of YouTube, however I can't seem to resize it (because in all actuality I have NO video skills whatsoever).

    If someone could resize it and make it work, I would be very grateful!

    Also, feel free to change colors and what not I think it would be cool.

    One more thing, as far as I can tell I somehow managed to edit this into one near flawless loop (I was using quicktime to do it), so that is one less thing that needs to be done.

    Thanks guys I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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    I have a request... I did it myself but it doesnt cover the wholse screen.. Can someone make me a vwallpaper of kim kardashians carls jr commercial...

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    I was wondering if someone could make me a vringtone of this video. If someone could make it and possibly tell me how to do it, it would be greatly appreciated.I would like the video to start at the begining and go as far as it can, around 20 seconds. If and when I learn how to do it, I will give back and make some for other people if they request


    EDIT: Nevermind, I found out how to make vRingtones and will learn how to do youtube videos.

    I'm working on mastering this stuff but if someone wants me to do something specific I will try.

    I can't guarantee that I'll get it on time cause I work 2 jobs
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    Minor request i hope

    Can someone resize the Cubes vWallpaper to fit the whole screen, Thanks!

    It's this one: Apple, iPhone & iPad Forums, Mods, Guides, News, Themes, Downloads, and more! | - Downloads - Cubes
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    I downloaded the file but it looks the same size that it should be. I normally have a setting on VirtualDub that will automatically convert anything I put in there to the perfect size of a vWallpaper and it didn't look like it changed anything. Check your link again cause maybe they fixed it soon before you posted. If not then I can just attach the file I "resized" and you can download it but it didn't look like it changed but I still formatted it and converted it back to mp4.

    EDIT: Ok I decided to upload the file just in case. Lemme know if it is better now cause after I "resized" it, it worked fine on my iPod Touch
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    Default Let me know what you guys think....
    A vRingtone I made... if anyone likes the work I may take some requests.

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    hey there, just downloaded vwallpaper 1.12. all is well but i cannot delete wallpaper videos that i dowloaded thru vwallpaper (Did not add by ssh). was wondering if anyone else is experiencing this also

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    Default overhaul
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    hey could you make a glowing apple logo thats like a has a flashlight knd of effect

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