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Thread: Need help with 1.1.1 Activation

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    Unhappy Need help with 1.1.1 Activation
    As usual, the guides on this site take the hard to understand Dev Team directions and make it into something a normal bloke can follow. HOWEVER, coming to the final part of my 1.02 to 1.1.1 upgrade I'm STUCK at how to activate with itunes. Your wiki simply copy/pasted the quite unintelligible Dev Team instruction (

    Could someone who's done it post better instructions? I've very dumb to all this, but I've managed everything up to this final step (jailbroke, have SSH). So please, some easy to understand directions. Even the first step doesn't make sense to me "cp /usr/libexec/lockdownd /var/root/lockdownd.1.1.1". While SSH'ed into the phone entering that into terminal says cp: command not found.

    I've got my 1.02 lockdownd file backed up, so how do I fix it so that I can fix the 1.1.1 file to 'activate' with iTunes?

    Cheers in advance!

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    same problem here! Anyone???

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    same here, anyone pleaseee!

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    Isn't cp part of the BSD package. You might have to make sure that it is installed properly?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cazlar View Post
    Isn't cp part of the BSD package. You might have to make sure that it is installed properly?

    Can u please explaine?
    Whatshould we do?

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    There are two different sets of instructions but are not distinguished as such. One command is issued by being sshed into the phone (ssh [email protected]=your ip) the other is on the mac in the directory that you are trying to run the command.

    To run the cp command you need to be sshed into the phone via wi-fi. If your wi-fi is not turned on you are sol, start over. If it is than run the command (ssh [email protected]=your ip) it will then ask for a password at witch point you will enter "alpine" (or whatever you changed it too).

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    with what program should I use

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    im having the same problem.

    Also does anyone have a copy of the lockdown backup we need (or know where to get it)?

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