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Thread: Noobs guide to Unlocking/Activating/Jailbreaking with iPlus

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    Default Noobs guide to Unlocking/Activating/Jailbreaking with iPlus
    OK, I have just Activated, unlocked and Jailbroken my new iPhone using iPlus. As I was provided with tutorials and help (lots or it) I thought it only fair to reciprocate and write my own little tutorial including my experiences which hopefully may help any of you thinking about using iPlus.

    First off, a big THANKS!!! goes out to Brownie2k who helped me enormously and was always quick to answer any questions, itís just what an iPhone noob needs. Most of the following information is from him, I'm just tagging it all together.

    I will try to avoid using acronyms as they're confusing for us noobs!!

    This is the list of kit that I used to perform 'surgery'

    1. My Mac
    2. A copy of the 1.1.4 firmware downloaded to my desktop (which can be downloaded from this site)
    3. A copy of iPlus 2.0b which I downloaded from here: I didn't use the download link in the following tutorial as I prefer to go to source (and they don't charge for the download)
    4. A brand new shiny iPhone, purchased from the apple store.

    First off I needed to establish what boot loader I had on the phone. Apparently all new iPhones in Europe now come with 4.6 installed and the picture of the USB cable with an arrow pointing towards the iTunes symbols on start-up of the phone is a good indicator of this. As I had a brand new iPhone I worked on the basis I had the 4.6 boot loader.

    I had issues with the iPhone being recognised by iTunes and after various reboots and gnashing of teeth the only way I could get the iPhone to be recognised was to uninstall and re install iTunes. It was exactly the same version (7.6.1) but it did the trick.

    Next we need to restore the phone to 1.1.4 as this is required by this version of iPlus. This is the tutorial that I followed:

    Personally, when my phone went into recovery mode I didn't see the picture specified in the tutorial, just a blank screen and I had to remove the iPhone from the cable and reconnect it for iTunes to recognise that it was in recovery mode. Hold down the Alt (option) key and click on the restore button. You can then browse to the firmware on your desktop and select it. iTunes will then restore your iPhone to 1.1.4, it'll take a little while so be patient!!

    Now that we've restored the firmware we can get on with the Unlocking/Activating/Jailbreaking.

    First quit iTunes and the iTunes helper (go to the Application Monitor in the Utilities folder and select it there and force it to quit).

    Then this is the tutorial that I followed:

    Once the iPhone has gone through the reboots specified in the tutorial I turned the phone off and took it off the cable, took the original sim out, put my sim in and Hey Presto!!

    Then restart iTunes and pop the iPhone back onto the USB cable. iTunes will make a backup of your iPhone and then it's all systems go!!

    Hope this helps!!

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    Can you swap sims with different couriers and if yes do you see couriers in settings on your iphone its third one down if its there. Thanks Marc

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    As far as I'm aware, yes. The phone's unlocked to any carrier so if you change your phone company just put your new sim in and everything should be fine.

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