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Thread: Question About Unlocking and Sim Card

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    Default Question About Unlocking and Sim Card
    I've been approved by AT&T to unlock my iphone 4S, which is now many months off contract.

    I tried doing the unlock (as per AT&T's instructions) but did not get the message in itunes that I was supposed to get, stating that the phone is now unlocked.

    Then I noticed that in the email, it says "ensure the original SIM card that came with this device is inserted in your iPhone." And while the sim card that came with the phone IS still in the phone- it occurs to me that it's no longer active, because I upgraded to a 5S.

    So my question is this- does my current (and working) 5S sim card need to be in my 4S in order to unlock it? I have a little sim card adapter and could try this, but I'm worried it might mess up the 5S sim card if my theory is wrong.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Cuz trying to unlock using the sim card that came with the 4S just isn't working. I've tried it several times now and failed to get the "your phone is now unlocked" message every time.

    Any info anyone could probive on this would be greatly appreciated, believe me.

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    Even if you didn't get that famous message, after restore, I presume, it should be unlocked. Did you try to put another SIM card in?

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    The "congratulations, your iPhone is unlocked" message doesn't always show up, even if the phone is actually unlocked. Fortunately, there's an easy way to check.

    Stick a non-AT&T SIM (e.g., a T-Mobile USA) into your phone, then reboot the device while in range and connected to a Wi-Fi network. If the device boots back up with any message other than "Invalid SIM," you're unlocked and should be good to go.

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    One problem is I don't have another sim card. Just the one that came with my 4S and the one that came with my 5S.

    I wonder how one would go about getting their hands on a thing like that, short of purchasing another phone?

    Man, the system of checking if the phone is unlocked seems rather nutty. You know it works if you put another card in there and get a message that says something doesn't work, etc. I'm not sure who dropped the ball on this, AT&T or Apple, but jeez- they sure could have made this a lot easier for customers who are genuinely eligible for unlock. At the very least, have the "your phone is now unlocked" message actually come up when the phone is unlocked.

    Please excuse my complaining, it's just frustrating that what seemed like such a simple process is now requiring many additional steps.

    Regardless, thank you kindly for the info. I will check around to see who can loan me an old sim card or something. Someone's gotta have one.

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    Can't you borrow a sim card from someone or buy a cheap prepaid sim?

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    I don't exactly know, if the unlocking procedure today, has somehow changed in comparison to couple of years back, but some 3 years ago, I have also unlocked my i4 from AT&T. Got the mail, restored, but never got that message. I have put my new SIM card from Telenor inside and got the signal immediately. Funny thing is, that after a year or so, when I restored again (usual reasons, upgrade and jailbreak ), finally there it was.....Congratulations, your iphone has been unlocked.....from than on, every single time I restore, I also get the message again.

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    Actually I see now that I can get a prepaid t mobile card for like 7 bucks on amazon.

    So I guess I'll just pick one up and stick it in the phone and see what happens.

    My only question is, if the 4S still reads invalid SIM- then what? Just keep repeating the process until it works?

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