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Thread: Help - iPhone 4s unlock

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    Default Help - iPhone 4s unlock

    I've just bought an iPhone but it's locked to EE / Orange and I want to use Giff Gaff in the UK which supposedly runs on the EE network so I didn't think the lock would be a problem.

    When i put the Giff Gaff SIM in it says Invalid Sim, not support by Apple unlock servers however if I go to Settings > General > About and look at Carrier then put the SIM in while on that page it changes from EE 15.6 to 02 15.6 then the phone locks and that invalid sim message comes up.

    It's an iPhone 4s running iOS 7.0.6 (11B651) and the modem firmware is 5.0.02

    I have searched here and in the can you unlock thread and google but I cannot find a lot of people using the 5.0.02 model firmware is it not a very common one?

    I've Jail broken with Evision already.

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    Isn't it better to unlock it once and forever? I had my 3GS jailbroken and unlocked, but I always had to worry about compatible firmware, no updates, battery drain. Nah... just get it unlocked somewhere. Here for example: – Lowest Prices.

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    GiffGaff runs on O2's network.

    The only way you'll get that device unlocked is to spring for an IMEI unlock (about twenty quid if you've had an EE account for six months, if not EE unlocks from resellers average around one-fifty USD) or an interposition device like a GEVEY.

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    I've been on t-mobile for years but have only used it as an incoming phones line as I had a business phone for all outgoing. Took delivery of the Gevey Ultra S today and just got it working with the new Giff Gaff sim, for 12 I'm so pleased with it!

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