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Thread: Unlocking a Sprint IPhone 5C to use for US T-Mobile?

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    Default Unlocking a Sprint IPhone 5C to use for US T-Mobile?
    I have a 5C under Sprint and want to use T-mobile. I was under the impression that I could just throw the Sim Card in and walla, it'll work. WRONG! Now I don't mind doing a third party service or myself but now I'm being told it's impossible because it's Sprint (they won't do it for me). Please say that's not true. I know that's for the 5 but doesn't the 5C and 5S come unlocked? I just want, we'll need to use my T-mobile SIM card ASAP. Help me. Please.

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    Only the Verizon iPhone 5 and 5s 5c come unlocked. You can also buy them from apple unlocked but unfortunately you are stuck with sprint. They most likely will never unlock them because of the huge amount of iPhones they ordered from apple. They way they make there money back it to keep you locked in with their service. Your only option is to sell it your self and take a small loss or trade it in with apple and take a pretty big loss and buy an unlocked iPhone

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    Awwww shucks!!! Thank You!!!

    I have another fairly quick question, I'm in contract with them, can I at least switch over to their prepaid or would that require some unlocking too?
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