My iphone 3gs are stumped..Ok here's the skinny..I recently have replaced my iphone 3gs after my other 3 gs met an unkind and rather untimely demise.So,here's where im at.have an unactivated iphone that was "reset to factory settings" when I got it and I have an unactivated Radio Shack att go phone sim card.and not sure how I want to handle that situation as far as itunes is concerned,cant seem to get itunes to activate the phone becauase it does'nt have a backup of the phone and dont have the SHSH blobs to go about unlocking and jailbreaking.Is there any avenues I can take short of just activating the sim w/att by getting a data plan.then swap the sim to iphone..Thank you to all that reply to this issue! and have a great day.