I am on an iPhone 3GS (oldboot rom) untethered 6.1.3. I had it hacktivated to unlock, then used SAMPrefs to gain a proper push certificate. Recently, somehow, the phone deletes or ignores the push cert. Push and iMessage will stop working, then, at times, it will start working by itself. Or I have to restore the certs, and even then, sometimes that doesn't work and the only thing that will fix it is when I use iCleaner to delete all logs and such. I have some daemons turned off, but only through iCleaner. Which are "Safe daemons, log dump and crash report, developer, assistive, airprint, spotlight, chinese wlan, adminlite,accessory, passbook, vpn, tethering, data partition wipe, and data migrator." Any and all insight is greatly appreciated.