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Thread: Unlock iPhone 4 4.3.3(bj2) 04.10.01

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    Default Unlock iPhone 4 4.3.3(bj2) 04.10.01
    I wanted to know if there is any unlock other than gevey that will unlock. Or if unltrasnow will release the unlock anytime soon? Please any information would be great! Thank you!!

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    I think its time to tell it how it is without being afraid of a backlash. The dev team was stumped royally by 2.10 and beyond, and wouldnt admit it. They led everyone on (probably getting a lot of donations in the process), saying that they had an unlock ready which would unlock the phones but would release it after apple released their latest firmware (so they dont close the loophole). then when the software was released we were told such a ridiculous story i feel dumb just relaying it. Basically they unlocked the phone so only ONE specific sim card would work with it, not any sim card in general. Basically we're in luck, if you want a cheap unlock go for gevey. if you have some extra cash the us apple store now sells unlocked iphones.

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    That's too bad I was hoping that I would stop using my extremly annoying gevey sim and have a software unlock instead by now.

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    other option is to just sell your 4.10.01 phone and purchase a 1.59 bb phone. or better yet, there are a few factory unlocks ip4 on the market these days.

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