OK a little back story. My wife bought two 3G iPhones from her friend at work. One was working and the other was not. Price? $175.00 for both. The one that was working has blackra1n installed along with cydia. My wife tried to fix the second by plugging it into iTunes. iTunes asked her if she would like to fully reset, she said yes. I know, wrong answer. It began the reset and then hung up somewhere. It only gave her and now me the silver apple logo.

This is only a hobby, I already have a G1 I am very happy with. However, broken electronics always seem to take up my evenings. Through a bit of online reading I used the utility by iH8sn0w to force it into recovery mode. I then tried to install several different firmware versions until one finally made it all the way through the install. I was then greeted with the 1015 error. More online reading led me to this site and Tiny Umbrella. I used it to back up the SHSH and get out of the 1015. iTunes then asked me to activate using a non pin card. As I am a T-Mobile user, I chose to use the directions on one of the threads on this site to activate using a Sn0breeze for the firmware TU confirmed was installed. HOW TO: Jailbreak iOS 4.1 with Sn0wbreeze 2.1 - Covering Web
This seemed to work great, right through when i connected to iTunes. It started to recover the newly minted .ipsw and the progress bar seemed to make it all the way to the last bit before it would be finished. And then nothing.

That is where I am stuck. The phone is no longer showing a progress bar only the sn0wbreeze flake. I can not get it to enter recovery mode or even turn off.

specs... 3G, Sn0wbreeze 2.1 for firmware 4.1, firmware 4.1 was used for the unlock, base band was 6.15 before the Sn0wbreeze working on a Windows machine.