hey i am thinking of buying a iphone 3gs because of the easy unlock ablity and as well as the nice upgrade in features i want to get all my facts str8 before moving forward i know when restoring with a custom firmware you dont update the baseband and therefore you can use redsn0w to JB this was confirmed to me by ih8sn0w (i hope he is right lol jk) but i wanted to know after using ifaith to dump the shsh blobs to help with future restores what to do with it when you make the custom build meaning after restoring in itunes do i need to activate it by itunes or anything?

because i want to unlock it after i JB it with ultrasn0w how will i avoid or do it because i am not sure if itunes have to check to activate it or it will stay on the emergency slide lock screen? like i saw on this youtube video


he didnt have simcard in but my sim card not from at&t wont help either

thanks again for helping