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Thread: Read Countless Threads.. Would love some help.

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    Default Read Countless Threads.. Would love some help.
    Thanks upfront for even looking at this. I realize how annoying some of this questions must get.

    1) My firmware is 1.1.1
    and the modem is 4.01.13_g. Should i just follow the "restore" 1.14 then unlock with ziphone like everyone else recommends?

    2) When it says "restore" is it just talking about the restore button in the summary tab of itunes? The button right below update?

    3)I'm downloading the new firmware 1.14 through itunes right now. I'm on an incredibly fast college network, and I've downloaded 1.1 mb in like ten minutes... it has 11 hours remaining. Thats not normal is it?

    Thank you to anyone who can help ease my worries. I will gladly help out in the future as I plan on becoming active in the community.

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    Default Is your 1.1.1 jailbroken or unlocked?

    I need more info.

    Is your 1.1.1 jailbroken or unlocked?
    What type of computer are you using? Mac or Windows?
    Do you want to upgrade to 1.1.4?
    Are you jailbreaking or unlocking afterwards?

    Sounds like your connection is reallllly slow.
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    Sorry. I should have clarified.

    It's a refurbished iphone from the recent deal. It's not unlocked or jailbroken. I just receive it today.
    I'm using a mac. I would like to upgrade to 1.14 and unlock for use with my sim card.

    The network I'm on is not slow... I just started up a download from a website and I was getting over a megabyte a second. Perhaps a reboot?

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    wow idk about your download problem, that sucks...

    but as far as the phone goes, just shift+click restore and it will pop up with a window where you can select the firmware you want to restore to
    personally, i like 1.1.3, but i guess 1.1.4 works well too
    once its done restoring, just open up Ziphone and check off jailbreak (and unlock if youre not on ATT) and hit go
    then you just sit back and watch it do its thing..
    make sure that you have the right version of Ziphone tho...make sure its the newest one

    oh and did you say your phone was not jailbroken or unlocked?
    then you dont have to lose your data by restoring, you can just shift+update

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    i would do a shift+restore and use ziphone.

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