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Thread: Found iOS 5 Beta 7 Exploit

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    Default Found iOS 5 Beta 7 Exploit - VIDEO UP!
    Hello! I found an exploit in iOS 5 beta 7. In this beta version, they have patched the emergency call exploit: Activate iOS 5 Beta 3 On iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Without A Developer Account [How-To Tutorial] | Redmond Pie .

    I have found another exploit this morning! I think it only works on iPhone. Here is the video: . Here are some instructions.

    1. Unlock your phone.

    2. Slide to setup.

    3. Follow the onscreen instructions until you get to the "Unable to be activated screen".

    4. Press the home button and tap "Emergency Call".

    5. Tap 112.

    6. Before you hit call, here is what we are going to do. After you hit call, alternate between the call button on the screen and the home button. Like this, Call Button, Home Button. Keep doing this to you get a black screen or a screen with a blank tab bar and a white background.

    7. Right when the black screen or white screen shows up, press the sleep button. You must do it right away or else it wont work. If done right, you will be returned to the home screen.

    NOTE: If it does not work and you are stuck at the blank screen, hold your sleep button. When the slide to power off screen shows up, tap cancel. Then, click the home button and select start over, then lock your phone and restart from step one.

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    After I dial the number and press call button, I'm pressing "Call Back" and the home button alternatively but I only get to see the a glimpse of the home screen and sometimes the call log but never seen that black or blank screen you're referring to.

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    Default Re
    Hello! I will release a video soon to show you how to do it. Are you alternating between the home button and call button rapidly? It should be like, "Call, Home, End Call, Home" then the pattern repeats. Try doing it a little slower. If that doesnt work then try doing it a little faster. I will release a video of me doing it soon.

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    has anyone confirmed this? I'd love to get ios 5 onto my iphone but im not about to brick it if this doesnt work=/

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    You guys should have patience, IOS 5 is going to be released soon. Don't do anything which will mess up ur iPhone. Beta version are not full version and has bugs.

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    You're talking to G33ks here...patience is not something we have lol

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    the ability to pirate isnt something you should have either

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    Pirate? Who said anything about pirating?

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    Getting an ios firmwarr beta for free is pirating

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    Last time I checked it was free...It's the developers account that costs $99 a year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darus214 View Post
    Last time I checked it was free...It's the developers account that costs $99 a year.
    you have to pay for the developers account to get the beta without buying dev account no beta-------> no dev account=no beta, sorry if I sound mean but im tired of thos whole controversy, its piracy

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    Default Re:
    Hello! Sorry it is taking me so long. Getting new camera today. I will have it uploaded some time tomorrow.

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    Default Re:
    Trying to upload it sometime tonight.

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    Default Re:
    Edit Poseidon: Please don't link to your blog. It's considered spam.
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    Video is up! Here is the link:
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