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Thread: iPhone 4 Gevey SIM Card Signal Problems.

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    Default iPhone 4 Gevey SIM Card Signal Problems.
    Hi, a friend of mine has an iPhone 4 unlocked with a Gevey SIM Card, the thing is that it shows it has no signal or 1 or 2 bars of signal, but in reality it has full signal. My iPhone 4 is also unlocked with a Gevey SIM Card and is on the same carrier and it shows it has full signal or a lot of signal in the same places where his shows it has little or no signal. We are both running iPhone 4 with Gevey SIM Cards and with iOS 4.3.3, so I don't get it at all. It's no major problem, but it's something he wanted me to check out for him.

    Here's a screenshot of his iPhone 4.

    So do you guys have any what could possibly be causing this or how to fix it?

    Thank you a lot.

    God bless.

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    maybe its just nothing, i would restore to the same firmware (no upgrading) and see what happens

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    Install ultrasnow from cydia...this is a known problem with some jailbreaks, install and use ultrasnow and the bars will appear..yes yes, I know that you cannot unlock with ultrasnow, but no matter, its some glitch in a jailbreak and ultrasnow installation will make the bars appear, I did this also

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    My friend has Firmware 02.10.04 and I have Firmware 04.10.01, I told him to install Ultrasn0w, well see if that fixes it, I will get back to you guys once he's done it.

    Thank you guys for replying and for your help.

    God bless.
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    Its because he has a lower baseband then what he should on 4.3.3. Ultrasnow should fix it but it may mess with the gevey working. If it does you can restore to 4.3.3 (assuming you have 4.3.3 SHSH) to update the baseband to 4.10.01. After that you wont get the signal bar bug anymore.

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    He just installed Ultrasn0w and told me it's working fine, thank you a lot guys, I really appreciate it.

    God bless you guys and may God's peace be with you guys.

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