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Thread: First experience with iPhone, I need help

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    Default First experience with iPhone, I need help
    This is my first experience ever with iPhone and it is so bad that I am pulling my hair out!

    I bought a used iPhone 4 16GB with hactivated (or jailbroken, I don't know) iOS 4.3.3/Baseband 04.10.01 and was told it was not working at all at first and someone hacked it to make it "at least" run but it was carrier locked

    I've read about Gevey Sim and Official Unlocks but before deciding which I should choose I upgraded to 4.3.5 (so stupid, I discovered that too late!) then gave it to a guy in order to hack it and unlock it (I would like to choose Gevey Sim)

    I don't know what would happen then, I should check with the guy tomorrow but can't sleep from anger!

    Could it be downgraded to 4.3.3 and activated again or is it stuck forever at 4.3.5 ?

    I've read (later!) about SHSH blobs which I didn't save that is the only way to downgrade and I had cybia installed on the iPhone but don't know whether it really automatically saves SHSH blobs or not, and of course I can't check that while the phone is unactivated !

    What are the chances that the guy would mess everything and I am stuck forever with an unactivated/carrier locked iPhone ?

    I've also read that 4.3.5 Jailbreak (is it different from activating ?!) is tethered which is unacceptable to me

    I am from Egypt and they told me before the stupid 4.3.5 upgrade mistake that it would cost me 60$ for Gevey Sim unlocking and 126$ official unlocking but I don't trust what they say !

    Any help would be much appreciated

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    Don't pay people $60 to Gevey unlock your phone. You can buy it yourself for $30 or less and do it yourself. It's easy, and it includes instructions. All you do is put the turbo SIM into your SIM tray and follow the instructions given.

    Anyhow, it should be fine on 4.3.5 with the Gevey SIM. you probably don't want to have it tethered jailbroken anyhow so get the official carrier's SIM that the phone is locked to and activate the phone in iTunes.

    If your computer can recognize the device, you can likely find out if you have SHSHs saved or not. Just download TinyUmbrella, plug your phone in, and click "save SHSHs" and the log will tell you if you have 4.3.3 saved or not.

    Edit: oh yeah they probably can't do an official unlock. Only actual cell carriers and Apple can do it.

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