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    So a few weeks back I updated an iPhone 3GS to 06.15.00 and I had signal issues and kept constantly losing it. I ended up selling the phone

    One of my friends has an unlocked iPhone as well and i decided to look at it and they also had 06.15.00 and it seemed to be working FINE! perfect signal.

    I'm just curious APROXIMATLEY how many phones that get updated to 06.15.00 have signal issues? is it 50/50? or.. can i get some kind of an estimate of someone who has updated many different iPhones to 06.15.00

    Also, does it matter what process you use to update it to 06.15.00? Because I know it can be done through redsn0w, but it can also be done through ultrasn0w, and there might be more methods.

    Basically I want to unlock a phone for a friend and updating it to 06.15.00 is the only option left, so I just want to update him approximately how risky it is that he might have signal issues? Or is there a way to fix the signal issues?

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    redsn0w is used to jailbreak and add the ipad bb while ultrasn0w is the actual unlock. I haven't seen any major signal issues with any phone that is using the 06.15 bb and I have done lots of them for people. I assume its hit or miss when it comes to signal. ultrasn0w is more updated to handle the more recent fw releases and so far I havent had anyone tell me they have had signal issues.

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    +1. Usually even with bugs/issues, a restore will fix the problem though (with the exception of the GPS loss). If not, it's just something that's a risk to take.

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