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Thread: Reactivate blocked iPhone.

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    Default Reactivate blocked iPhone.
    Firstly let me apologise for leeching on your forum. I have a bit of an iPhone problem and have absolutely no idea about them except they make calls and I can play cool games on them.
    What I am about to ask is 100% genuine.
    I am the proud owner of an iPhone 4 but last month I split up with my girlfriend and it was left at her house. As there was a lot of animosity between us she refused to return it and in the end I ended up contacting my provider (Vodafone in the UK) and reporting it lost before claiming on the insurance for it. A new handset was delivered to me and I forgot about the old one. Yesterday my ex turned up at mine with a box containing a load of stuff that she had of mine including the old iphone. The phone still works and everything but it says 'No Sim' on the network bit.
    Will I be able to get this working again? It seems a shame to throw it in the bin.
    Once again this is 100% genuine. I havent mugged anyone for this phone or found it on the bus. I am (was?) the legitimate legal owner of this phone.

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    I'm going to assume you are in Europe (as they don't block IMEIs in the USA)

    No, you cannot get the phone whitelisted without speaking to your carrier. If they are able to do something, that is how you proceed. If I had to take a guess, the list of block IMEIs probably won't allow an IMEI to be removed. Either way, only way to unblock it is to contact the people who blocked it in the first place.

    You can return the old phone to the carrier. Otherwise, its an expensive iTouch

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    If they won't unblock it, you can always sell it internationally. iPhones sell well pretty much every where worldwide. IMEI blocking is on the carrier level. It'll work on another carrier.

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    That is true if you cross international borders (and possibly have to send it out of the EU). I blacklisted TMobile UK phone won't work on 3UK.

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    Ah, I stand corrected. Anyway, I don't know if you meant "throw it in the bin" literally, but I definitely would not do that. Throw it on eBay or the classifieds here, a US buyer will give you anywhere from US$400-500 depending on condition and maybe more if you can get it factory unlocked.

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    Yes you assumed right. I am in Europe. The UK to be precise.
    I did literally mean "thrOw it in the bin" I didn't know that it would still be useful in other countries.
    Thanks guys you've been helpful.
    I might stick it on US eBay but I might just let my little brother have it as a posh iPod.
    Thanks again.

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