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Thread: iPhone 4 + 4.10.1 baseband Unlock Options?

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    Default iPhone 4 + 4.10.1 baseband Unlock Options?
    Hi guys,

    I just read through the read me thread about baseband unlocking and 4.10.1 is still listed as not unlockable except through IMEI remote unlock or the grevy sim.

    My question is two fold:

    1) We are in America, we bought this brand new iphone to send to my aunt overseas as a birthday present. Is there any point I can downgrade to in firmware that will make this baseband unlock? If so, that would be great!

    2) If the above is not an option, what is my best option to get this phone working with an overseas SIM card (Palestine/Israel in particular)?

    Thanks! If I CAN unlock it with an older firmware, which utility will do that?

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    Short of the Gevey Sim which is a sim-unlock method and isn't a set-it and forget it type unlock there isn't much you can do aside from hope the dev team comes up with something. This has been the status since September of 2010 when 2.10.01 appeared. There hasn't been news of late.

    As for AT&T they won't help, I'm a US citizen that got transfered to England and spoke to every customer support person at every level and they wouldn't budge. And trust me, I'm good at getting what I want over the phone.

    I sold my ATT phone and just bought a factory unlocked one here in the UK. It's well more expensive but I didn't have a choice aside from just selling mine and forgetting about it or waiting for an unknown amount of time.

    You can't downgrade the firmware without SHSH blobs. Even if you could, you can't downgrade basebands, although sherif_hashim is working on that for the 3G/3gs. However the in iPhone 4 baseband downgrades would be a different beast all together.

    Unless you're prepared to wait an unknown amount of time (it's been 8 months already) for the dev team or use a questionable gevey unlock your best bet is returning it unfortunately. Be quick though as I think you can only return to apple for 30 days after purchase. Additionally, the IMEI unlock for ATT phones is a backdoor that's been closed so forget about that.

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    Thanks, that's the answer I was hoping not to hear lol. Anyway, the Gevey sim probably isn't much of an option since my aunt would have to do it with a sim card she receives. I bought this on craigslist and should probably just sell it since it is new to someone with AT&T and try somewhere else. Thanks

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