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Thread: halp: no wifi [or youtube] fix for 2g unlocked running 3.0

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    Default halp: no wifi [or youtube] fix for 2g unlocked running 3.0
    the phone:my iphone is a 2g unlocked/jailbroken running 3.0 and has a t-mobile sim. i don't remember which thingy it's unlocked with-i think it was redsn0w.

    the problem:i've dug around to try to figure this out, but no dice. the phone can't connect to the internet via wifi. the wifi symbol shows up on he top bar. it gets the symbol at my secured home wifi, coffeeshop wifi, and all other public wifi's i check. youtube stopped connectivity a few months ago. wifi is not actually available.

    the failed repair attempt:trying to regain youtube, i unsuccessfully tried a fix for push notifications that rendered cydia app unusable. whilst using a photoediting app, the app crashed and it wouldn't get wifi since.

    the questions:
    1. if the only fix for this is restore...can i do this so i can get all 70 of my apps back? or are they in itunes and would just go back on the restored phone? if this is true, would they go back on the newly re-unlocked/re-jailbroken phone?
    2. can i restore so it doesn't need to be re-unlocked/re-jailbroken?

    thanks in advance.

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    1) wish more people would post the way you did. Very nice format and easy to read/understand

    2) with what you've depicted, it seems too difficult to diagnose. If the push fixes aren't working, have you tried push doctor? That usually fixes it really well.

    3) if not for #2, I'd say restore

    4) you will lose your unlock and jb but that is easily regained

    5) i will walk you through the process. Be aware you will lose your things such as photos and jailbreak apps. We want to set the phone up as new so that this problem does not occur again.

    Give me a couple minutes and I will post again with a detailed guide for you here.

    Note: your apps will not be lost as they will sync back with contacts as well. Photos/videos, back them up manually to your computer. Let's walk through backing up your apps:

    1) in iTunes, right-click your device and select "transfer purchases" to move all apps that are not already in iTunes to iTunes.
    2) go to the "info" tab and make sure you select to sync your contacts. Sync your device.

    Back up your photos and videos however you want manually.

    Here is the link to a full detailed and illustrated guide. It includes download links as well.

    To sum it all up, you'll need bootloaders 3.9 and 4.6 binary files, Redsn0w 0.9.4, and the stock 3.1.3 and 3.1.2 ipsw files. Follow this guide carefully and you will be able to restore and jb/unlock.

    After you follow the guide, set phone up as new and sync your device to gain back your contacts and apps.

    Be sure to wrote down your jailbreak apps that you want so you can reinstall.

    B/c of hacktivation, YouTube and push won't work. Go to Cydia and navigate to manage>sources>edit>add and enter this URL "" and install push doctor.

    iClarified - iPhone - How to Unlock/Jailbreak Your iPhone 2G on OS 3.1.3 Using RedSn0w (Windows)
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    thanks! i'll get at this as soon as i can...right now i gotta get off teh internets and get to bed.

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    got it!

    <strike>ok. i did the first part-it now says 'no sim card installed' or 'unrecognizable sim'. but i can't for the life of me download Redsn0w 0.9.4 anywhere. i'm on a power pc mac (imac ilamp) running 10.4.11. the link for redsn0w from your link doesn't work. and bittorrent keeps telling me "checking for firewall" and won't torrent *anything*. i'm not sure what to do next.
    thanks in advance. :-)</strike>
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