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Thread: Problem with iPhone 4

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    Default Problem with iPhone 4
    Hi guys

    I recently bought an iPhone 4 in the USA and imported it to the netherlands. Now my iPhone 4 is locked to ATNT and if I put my own simcard in it won't go to a home screen. It'll stay at emergency calls. Do you have any suggestions how to unlock my iPhone 4 ?

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    What firmware is it on and which baseband?

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    Hello Throne030, I come bearing some good, and possibly, some bad news.

    The reason your iPhone is stuck on the emergency call screen is because it has not been SIM activated with an AT&T SIM card. Alas, you can 'hackivate' your iPhone 4 on a PC with redsn0w (google/forum troll this to learn how to and what version to use depending on your iOS firmware). This will allow you to use your iPhone without the phone services(pretty much a flash iPod touch).

    The next step to allow you to use of dutch service provider is carrier unlocking the phone. This is done on your phone through cydia. However.....

    If you have updated your iPhone 4 past iOS 4.0.2 via itunes, unfortunately this means you will have updated your modem baseband(can be viewed in phone under settings -> general -> about) to 02-10-04, which is currently NOT carrier unlockable. This means you would be stuck to At&T until this baseband is exploited and unlocked(should happen within the next few weeks)

    If you have not updated past 4.0.2 you can carrier unlock your iPhone 4 after it has been jailbroken by going into Cydia on your phone and installing ultrasn0w.

    If this helps you, please click the thank button on my comment.

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    I've these info here.

    iPhone 4 - Version 4.1
    Baseband - 02.10.04
    Bootloader - 2.8
    Model - MC319

    And I couldn't find this Redsn0w ur talking about. Could you please provide me with a link ?

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    You can jailbreak it now with either Limera1n or Greenpois0n. Which one doesn't matter, choose one that works. They should both work. You can at least access the phone for now until the new unlock is released. It is unknown when the new unlock will be out but it might be this month or early next month.

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    How can I have acces to the phone ? How does it works ? Please help me

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    Go to or and run the program on your phone.

    Edit: I mean go to those sites and download the program to your computer then run it on your phone
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    Hey Thanx for the info Matty... My friend wants to unlock 2 of his phones, I guess not yet . I'm also going to Russia soon and going to need to unlock mine also, but I still got some time

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    Thanks man ! I've jailbreaked my iPhone 4 with limera1n. Now it works but I can't use it as a phone. When will this new unlock be available ? How will I know ?

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    Just keep checking the news on modmyi

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    Ok Ill do.

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    Hello again,

    We have been told by the dev team that the new ultrasn0w carrier unlock will be released within 2 days of the release of iOS4.2
    It is confirmed that the new ultrasn0w will carrier unlock iPhone 3G on the new baseband 5.14.02.

    Unfortunately, it is still hazy as to whether the carrier unlock for iPhone 4 baseband 02.10.04 will be included in this. So far we know that there has been a lot of progress in terms of a baseband crash for 02.10.04, but it is not yet completed.

    As to when iOS4.2 will be released by apple there have been a few dates thrown in the air, the 16th of november is one of these, but personally I believe the 24th is most likely.

    People have been getting excited by the update on stating 'Tomorrow is just another day, that you'll never forget- check back tomorrow for an exciting announcement from iTunes', jumping to conclusions that iOS4.2 will be released. The fact that they state 'from iTunes' points towards this NOT being iOS related. Tomorrows update will most likely be about the beatles or icloud, but who knows, iOS4.2 might come along for the ride

    Stay confident, check these forums regularly and all will be fine and dandy.

    Thanky thanky.
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    I can't wait

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    Common man, it took a bit of my time to write that for YOU, hook us up with a thank

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    Thanx Matty... You're the man. Keep us up to date

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    lol i know u throne from mt

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    Well that's a coincidence that you're also on this forum.

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