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Thread: Has this been double checked..

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    Default Has this been double checked..
    Quote Originally Posted by Yo.Its.Fish View Post
    Guys there's no such thing as impossible, just things that haven't been done yet. I have an Iphone 3G with sprint service and it wasn't particularly hard to do. The only difficult part was getting a R-UIM to put my service in. After you get one, you can go to and get one of their sim cards. That will fool the phone into thinking that it is running on the network it is intended to work on. It comes with instructions on what to do to join the two sim cards into one. After that, you'll be able to use your iphone with whatever CDMA service you wish. Btw, this also works to let you use a phone from another country in your own. My iphone is from Japan and I live in the states.
    Has anyone else tried this and have the process legitimized?

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    Yeh right, u are running a device with a gsm/umts radio on CDMA. Hang on I am just going to put my truck on the lake and try it out.

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    I don't know, but it looks like it might be a real thing. Very interesting.

    What is a RUIM Card?

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    Unless solid proof is given, I don't believe it. It's like saying your manual transmission can work like an automatic; they're made differently.

    But, given all the ingenious hackers out there, I wouldn't be all that surprised if they managed to make it happen..

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    Let's say it's real, it's still a huge pain in the butt. I could barely stand unlocking my phone for T-Mobile. It wasn't hard to do, but it wasn't something I wanted to keep up with, so I switched to AT&T. Might as well get the 3G speeds. Not sure what frequencies Sprint run on, but the iPhone might not even support 3G speeds from Sprint (assuming they're not running the same frequencies as AT&T). This is just a bigger hassle than getting T-Mobile on the iPhone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dracu View Post
    I don't know, but it looks like it might be a real thing. Very interesting.

    What is a RUIM Card?
    You have to understand what you are reading . A SIM card or RUIM card does nothing more that allow you to carry identify information from one device to another. Information stored include phone number, contacts etc. That does not make a GSM phone work on CDMA.

    The difference between these two phones is hardware based different radio, different modulation and encoding techniques. It is physically impossible to make a GSM phone work on CDMA unless you are a hardware engineer dismantle the phone and replace the chipsets in the phone.

    However, a small percentage of phones sold by Verizon have both CDMA and GSM chips in them. This is because Verizon realised a while back that some of their customer wanted to travel and found it rather annoying that Verizon phones were useless overseas. The dual standard phones have SIM slots like regular GSM and operate on the GSM standard as well as the CDMA standard.

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