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Thread: Unlocked iphone 3GS email push problem

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    Default Unlocked iphone 3GS email push problem

    I have a iPhone 3GS running iOS4 that I unlocked to work on the T-Mobile network. Everything seems to be working fine except for the email, specifically I do not get any new emails until I open my email inbox and then it fetches them. In settings, I enabled push notifications.

    I have two emails setup on my iphone. One is my gmail account that was setup with Microsoft Exchange, the other is my work email that was setup "manually". Neither of them are receiving emails until I open the inbox.

    I installed Push Doctor (and then uninstalled it afterward). I downloaded iPusher and it says push notifications work just fine. I've deleted my email accounts and re-created them and nothing...

    Help please, I'm stuck!!!!!


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    I've got pushfix on mine, it includes a test program. Costs $5 but works for me.

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    i got pushfix, but still not working. Also I read up on the pushfix website and they claim that the email push is different. Is it because I am setting up the email account with IMAP?

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    What did the test program say?

    You can contact the pushfix guy direct, he gave me great advice quite quickly.

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    Test program said push worked fine. Thanks for the advice, I'll contact the pushfix guy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ibrickyo View Post
    Test program said push worked fine. Thanks for the advice, I'll contact the pushfix guy.
    Not sure what's wrong with your email push notifications, I don't think push notifications generally were ever at issue on your phone... In other words, there was no point of using pushfix on your phone. If ipusher says push notifications work just fine, then pushfix/SAM/pushdoctor likely won't do anything for you. The point of pushfix/SAM/pushdoctor is for people who hacktivated and aren't getting push notifications at all (because of the certs thing). On the bright side of paying the $5, though, is that you can now bother the guy who runs pushfix and try to get him to figure it out for you.

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