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Thread: How do I virginize my iPhone 2G and activate

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    Default How do I virginize my iPhone 2G and activate
    I followed a tutorial about a year ago from to use redsn0w (I think) to jailbreak/unlock/activate my hand-me-down out-of-contract iPhone 2G. I remember doing stuff with basebands and iOS updates and running redsn0w. I was on AT&T and just wanted to use it without the data plan.

    Anyway, today, I want to virginize my iPhone 2G and activate it without a data plan. I want to do this because there are some apps only available through the iTunes store (school related apps..) and I can't get the sync to work properly. So I figure a fully legitimate setup would fix this.

    I've been googling for a while, and some of the tutorials seem simple enough, but they don't really apply to my specific case. So I'm hoping some of the veterans here could give me some guidance...

    So my questions:

    How do I fully virginize my iPhone 2G? Will telling iTunes to restore my iPhone wipe everything? (Including the baseband firmwares I changed in my original jailbreaking/unlock/activate) Before I go through with it, what's the best way to save my pictures and contacts?

    What's the best way to activate my virginized iPhone 2G? I am on an AT&T family plan. Right now, there are two other iPhones on the account (a 3GS and a 4), but I only have access to the 4's micro-sim card. I was at an AT&T store fixing some things and they gave me a bogus IMEI number to make sure I wouldn't get billed for data on my 2G. But I thought the IMEI number was on the phone side of things...

    edit: some important info I left out:
    iPhone 2G is running iOS 3 (7A341)
    I have access to both a Windows and Mac, so if one software pack is easier than the other, I can use it.
    After some more searching, the instructions found here:
    sound pretty familiar. I am pretty sure I followed some variant of these instructions when I first unlocked/JB/activated.
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