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Thread: Tried resetting my jail-b/unlocked iPhone and now SIM isnt supported..

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    Default Tried resetting my jail-b/unlocked iPhone and now SIM isnt supported..
    Sooo i apparently am not super savvy when it comes to this stuff, cause i jailbroke and unlocked my Rogers iPhone in order to switch to Telus. I got this to work, but i wasn't able to download apps from the iTunes app store, SO i figured if i refreshed my phone, it would go back to being unjailbroken and "locked".

    Unfortunately now that my phone has been reset to its original settings, and i plug it into itunes, i get the "this SIM card does not seem to be supported" message and I am stuck and am kinda freakin out cause i dont have $600 bones for a new phone. Any advice/help would be very much appreciated!!!!

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    Which model iphone? and what form of jailbreak/unlock did you use? Also what computer are you on? (pc or mac)

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    iPhone 3GS, ultrasn0w, and pc..

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    Well when do a "reset all settings" it reverses the unlock and jailbreak. You need to be a lot more specific: What model phone? What firmware? How did you jailbreak? Do you have your SHSH on file for any old firmwares if you need to restore?

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    Sorry, its a 3GS, i'm pretty sure i used the pwnage tool, and i cant really check what firmware and stuff cause i cant get past the emergency call only stage with my phone right now. Oh and as far as having back up files and stuff, unfortunately not..

    (i appreciate the input everyone, and also your patience ha..)

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    Well, you're going to need to activate the phone first so you can get some information for the phone.

    Borrow a Rogers sim card and plug it into itunes. Tell us the firmware version, and baseband. Then let's take it from there.

    When you say you reset the phone, did you do it in itunes (upgraded to latest firmware 4.1) or reset via your handset (reset settings).

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    K yeah so I reset the my phone in itunes, hoping to to upgrade as well.. I will try to track someone with a Rogers SIM and plug it in and get back to you guys.

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    How did u restore? You hit restore or shift + restore?

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    hey guys, I recently came by a Iphone and was trying to unlock it. I truly dont know what I was doing and ended up in the same situation as the OP. the person who gave it to me said it had a vodafone sim card in it, but when I put my vodafone sim card in it, it still reads "this SIM card does not seem to be supported". I know I am being vague here, but I dont know any other info to give. I dont know about jail brakes or unlocking etc. seems hopeless I think, but any help would be appreciated.

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    I think maybe hopeless too, but check which carrier first here:

    You want know which carrier is your phone ? [Archive] - GSM-Forum

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    modem firmware : 05.14.12

    Ummm, is that all you need? i dont understand the difference between firmware and baseband

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    The modem firmware is the same thing as baseband. You have upgraded your phone in iTunes which upgraded your firmware to 4.1 and your baseband as above. In order to unlock you first need to jailbreak. Unfortunately 4.1 is not jailbreakable yet, so you'd need to downgrade your firmware. To downgrade you need SHSH blobs on file with Cydia to trick iTunes onto letting you go to lower firmware.

    Assuming you could downgrade, your problem is that the baseband will not downgrade and is currently unlockable.

    1) downgrade and use as iPod touch jailbroken
    2) stay where you are and wait for new jb and unlock
    3) sell phone as carrier locked and buy another one which can be unlocked

    Not great news I guess
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    that really sucks... any idea how long it may be to find a new jb?

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    Jb may be soon but unlock will be longer. Don't hold your breath.

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