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Thread: Slow iPhone

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    Default Slow iPhone
    Hopefully someone can help I have a 3g iPhone it is unlocked and J/B and working on 3 network but it is very slow I have taken winterbored of but it is still slow I have read about this problem and have found that some people have had the same prob but I can't find any easy to follow solutions I would be grateful for any help. Thanks

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    Which firmware are you running on it?

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    That's your baseband, I guess you are on 3.1.3 firmware?

    I'm not sure how you could repair it short of doing a restore to 3.1.3. You could download the old firmware and do a shift restore in iTunes. Then jailbreak again and unlock with ultrasnow.

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    Thanks for the reply. If I was to restore back to 3.1.2 to see if that was any better because I think I used ultrasnow to unlock it before.
    Do you know what would I use
    to J/B and unlock again?

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    Personally, I'd go with snowbreeze 2.0.2 and create custom firmware and go to 4.1. Once there, you'd just need to install ultrasnow to unlock.

    If you want to try 3.1.2 then I'd use spirit to jb and ultrasnow to unlock, but maybe redsnow is better for 3G??

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    Could you list how I go about that please thanks mate.

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    Sure, do you want to go to 4.1?

    And confirm your on 3.1.3 at the moment?

    Here's instruction for snowbreeze:
    Jailbreak iOS 4.1 with Sn0wbreeze [Custom Firmware Windows] | Redmond Pie
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    Thanks yeh it's 3.1.3.

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    What are you currently jailbroken with?

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    It was quite a while ago I think I used redsnow I would know more when I look at my computer tonight. Thanks for the link buddy.

    Yeh I would like to go to 4.1?
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    Then just create a custom fw with Sn0wbreeze 2.0.2 and shift+restore to it. No regular restore necessary if you jb with redsn0w. You'll have to Google the 4.1 stock ipsw and dl that first.

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    Firmware link is on the instructions link above I believe.

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    Cheers mate I'll try that.

    Tried to restore using custom FM now it's stuck in recovery mode.
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    Try downloading tinyumbrella and kick it out of recovery mode. See what firmware you've got now. Where did it fail?

    If all else fails, do a shift restore to stock 3.1.2 or 3.1.3 rejailbreak and try the procedure again.

    When you rejailbreak use blackrain or redsnow as I guess you were jb with spirit last time, hence your problems.
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