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Thread: have i been scammed? Jailbreak/unlock for 4.1 3GS

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    Default have i been scammed? Jailbreak/unlock for 4.1 3GS
    Im waiting for my IMEI to be sorted or something? Paid 38.99 They said it should be ready for Monday and now ive been reading reviews and its a con? Is this right?

    Some are saying its legit and some a scam? My status is

    'Queued for your IMEI (********) - - please note if you haven't supplied us with your IMEI, you must send this to [email protected] so we can authorise your IMEI and prepare the software tailored to your IMEI''

    I think the site is legit, they have a number (which they dont answer) but have an email answer which they anser really fast and they advertise ike wholesale unlocks and buisnesses, i dont know, i feel its genuine legit.. but then again i dont know after reading bad reviews :/

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    Interesting that u should post this - I today posted the following and am waiting a response from somebody in the know.

    "Hi guys,
    I am new to all this iphone stuff. i have read thru the forum and pretty much understand "jailbreak" and "unlock". What I don't understand is, if everyone is saying it is not possible to unlock iPhone 3Gs running 4.0.2 on new baseband how do the phone companies unlock the phones.
    Also, I'm not so interested in jailbreaking my iphone but I need to unlock my 3Gs 4.0.2 - if I fork out $29.99 to these companies that advertise the ability to unlock "any iPhone, any OS" will I get my phone unlocked?


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    Site is a scam, why would you pay when jailbreaks and unlocks are free?

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    SO they cant actually unlock and jailbreak??

    An because i cant do it :@ Ive tried all day and night for days and cant do it.

    Im on the 4.1 and 3GS i dont know if its old or new bootrom? But mines the MC model, and i do have the shsh blobs... but no matter how much i try i cant jailbreak it or downgrade it.
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    Is that answer based on knowledge or is it just your opinion?
    Why pay?? Because, from all that I hav read, there is no jailbreak for iPhone 3GS on 4.0.2 with new baseband unless u know of one.
    I just want to unlock my phone, not jailbreak it and all the hacked unlocks seem to require jailbreaking b4 unlocking. i am trying to find out if these companies can in fact unlock the phones as advertised and am looking for first hand knowledge, not opinion or speculation. Surely someone here has tried them or has first hand knowledge..

    See here:

    iPhone Unlock - 1 Click iPhone 3G/3GS iOS 4 Software Unlock guaranteed

    They seem to be pretty specific about their ability to unlock any iphone, any OS

    iPhoneUnlockUSA uses a modern and unique 1 click unlocking solution designed for all iPhone models (4, 8, 16 and 32GB, First Gen, 3G, 3GS and even the new iPhone 4) up to and including firmware version iOS 4.1, our software can unlock whether you've just purchased a new iPhone, you've accidentally upgraded your once unlocked iPhone and are now locked out, or are simply looking to update your iPhone to the latest software. The software also includes the option to jailbreak your handset if you desire, again this works on all models.

    The software runs on both PC and Mac and takes less than 3 minutes from a freshly restored iPhone to being completely activated and ready to use with the sim card of your choice in any country worldwide. The software works with any iPhone and comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

    With updates to the software to support future firmware releases from Apple, you can also be sure that your purchase is future-proofed and also supported and backed up by our highly trained support team throughout the lifetime of your iPhone via our low-rate (5p per minute) telephone call centre, under 1 hour email response, and MSN.

    Our solution is guaranteed to unlock your iPhone, regardless of whether it has been unlocked before, new out-the-box, or you've accidentally updated it within iTunes and been locked out again.
    Sounds pretty convincing but also a bit sus when they say "The software also includes the option to jailbreak your handset if you desire, again this works on all models" especially when nobody else has managed a jailbreak yet.
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    Yeah and they are offering like the option to do like wholesale jailbreaks, ive paid anyhow and im waiting for my unlock tommorow, ime not to botherd about the jailbreak either.. my phones locked to fuking orange france and im in england on 02.

    'Hi, there's a bit of a backlog as we have to tailor each jailbreak/unlock for each IMEI to prevent scam sites from reselling our product,the server is showing as your imei unlock should be in your account this Monday. We will email you when it has been uploaded to your account

    Kind Regards,
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    I look forward to hearing the end result

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    Quote Originally Posted by Desert_Dog View Post
    I look forward to hearing the end result

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    Just so you guys know, these sites are all the same. They get your payment, then they tell you they will send your unlock or get it processed on a certain day. When that day comes, you don't get jack. You ask them what's up and they'll say there have been some sort of delay. There have been some sort of problem which might take another week to solve.

    Next thing you know, the devs release the FREE jb and unlock and suddenly you get your software. And then you find out it's the same thing as what the devs released.

    Blkcadi is basing this on experience. We have seen a lot of people get scammed by not just the site you just gave here, but also others that require payment.

    You might wanna look for a way to get your money back. If this entire forum is saying you can't jb 4.0.2 or unlock 4.1's baseband, we aren't lying. We all depend on the devs for our jb. If we can't do anything cuz the devs haven't figured it out yet, what makes you think some random UK site knows what's up?

    There are a lot of clues on year websites too. Like sometimes they don't even know what they're talking about. They will say things like "Unlock 4.1" which is inaccurate. You can't unlock a firmware version, you only unlock the basebands. You just assumed they were talking about the baseband that came with 4.1. So what if you upgraded to 4.1 then downgraded to 3.1.2 then they say "unlock 3.1.2 as well!" but you can't. You upgraded your baseband. They aren't specific and they don't need to be for people who fall for these things. Once they see the words "4.1 and unlock", the trap is set.

    Just take this as a lesson learned and do your best to get your money back.

    Edit: also, you should be concerned about the jb because that's the only way to unlock your phone. It must be jb first.

    **never give out your IMEI number. Your device can become unusable if someone steals it and uses it on their own device (yes, this is illegal but possible)**
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    You are in the correct situation for the impending unlock, so there's nothing more to do your end. I'm sorry for the delay in the release of this software, we hit a couple of snags along the way due to having to support the iPhone 4 as well of the 3GS and keep things simple for users. We had to suspend unlocks over the weekend due to some issues regarding late bootrom iPhones that wasn't picked up in the development cycle. We're dealing with these issues right now and hope to get the unlocks issued again this week.

    Would you like a free app pack as compensation?
    Kind Regards,

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    Thanks for the info, but I have one more question.
    How does my local phone company unlock the phone at the end of my contract? I pay them, they unlock it. Do they jailbreak it too?

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    You wont get any money back at all im in the UK and made the mistake with a 3g about 8 months ago for the 4.0 unlock. I only got the unlock once the dev team released the free one and i didnt get no money back. Set of scamming bastards if i could find him id kick the **** out of him

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    Just go to your bank and request a stop payment

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    Quote Originally Posted by Desert_Dog View Post
    Thanks for the info, but I have one more question.
    How does my local phone company unlock the phone at the end of my contract? I pay them, they unlock it. Do they jailbreak it too?
    If you are talking about the iPhone then companies like O2 can request a unlock for a iPhone they sell from apple. No jailbreak is required for this as it is an official unlock. What they do has nothing to do with what these scam sites are doing.

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    ^right. Only official carriers can unlock phones for either payment or you have service with them. A website like this has no affiliation with Apple and cannot official unlock for you. The two are completely different. An official carrier has the ability to contact Apple and have your specific device via IMEI unlocked, but they actually contact Apple. You on your end have no "software" to use on your own. Once Apple unlocks your phone, plug into iTunes and then your phone get activated and unlocked officially. This website does nothing of the sort. Like I've said already, they tell you they send you some sort o software, give you a date for when they'll send it to you, then when the day comes, they "run into some sort of problem". Just like what already happened here.

    Of all the cases I've seen, nobody got their money back. They do send out "their product" but not your money back. And "their product" is only sent out when the devs release a free jb and/or unlock.

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    thanks for the info guys. I guess I'll just wait for the wizards to sort things out.

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    Title of this thread has been edited. I don't want others getting scammed too

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    Hi, we can remove your imei from the queue and issue your refund today, please allow up to 7 working days for it to show on any statement
    Kind Regards,

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    From: [email protected] (card ending): **** Amount: 38.99Charge: 0.00Total : 38.99 The money will have cleared within 4 working days Message: [NO MESSAGE ATTACHED] Regards,NOCHEX Customer Services

    I have got my money back?!!

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