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Thread: T-Mobile microSIM card question

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    Default T-Mobile microSIM card question
    hi guys, I have an iPhone 4 and t-mobile, and I am patiently waiting for the jailbreak. What my concern is, I know people said you can cut your sim card, so I ordered that tool from ebay. Now, I looked at the 2 sim cards and I am not sure if it will even work once I get the machine and once my IP4 is jailbroken, because it seems like the gold part on my tmobile sim is a lot bigger and some of it will get cut off. any ideas?? Here are pics.

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    Don't worry about that, u can cut off some of the side edges of the gold part it won't be a problem. The sim cutter tool should make it work for you, although I like using scissors instead, saves money since you probably won't need to do this ever again.

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    Thanks man I appreciate the response. I was beginning to lose hope once 45 people viewed this thread and had no answer. Thanks again!

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    He is right, it will work.
    On the new tmobile sim card will not cut any golden part out. Only happen on the old style sim card.
    But if you worry about it, you can go to tmobile store purchasing a new sim card and ask them help you transfer everything from the old sim card to the new sim card. than you can make a perfect cut on a new style sim card.
    hope this help .

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    No problem, just remember to cut only as much as u need to, if u cut too deep it will ruin the sim card. What I did with mine is that I cut all the plastic around it and left only the gold part, then it fit. See my pic for details. You see how the gold part is still bigger than the microsim's gold part, that's fine as long as it still fits in the sim tray.

    I also noticed that ur gold part is squared like mine, these are generally easier to work with. Some tmobile cards are more of ovals (like that big AT&T sim in the pic) those are harder to work with IMO.

    Also, a lot of people say that their sim cutter cut it too small or too big, if that happens to you, and the iPhone doesn't detect it, don't lose hope. You just need to do some trimming and center it properly in the tray.

    And when you put it in the tray, make sure it's the right direction. The "T" should be upside down when inserted, or else it won't wok

    And if you absolutely cant get it to work, just go to a tmobile store and get a new SIM for $10 and start over. You'll get it eventually.
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    There's the pic of how it should look in the tray. The T is upside down
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