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Thread: Iphone 4 Question...

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    Default Iphone 4 Question...
    Hey guys. I am considering selling my 3GS and getting an Iphone 4. I use Tmobile as my provider so I would need to be able to unlock and jailbreak the Iphone 4. Does that mean it has to be running the 4.0 or 4.01 software for me to be able to unlock it? Also what basebands can and cannot be unlocked currently? Those are the only questions I would need to ask the seller about the phone before I bought it right? Just making sure. Thanks!

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    Can anyone help me with this? I know its a pretty simple question but I just wanted to make sure.

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    Baseband must be 01.59.00. If it is running 4.0.1 or below, u can unlock right away. If it is running 4.0.2 or 4.1, u will have to wait for the jailbreak (maybe a week or 2) then u can unlock. The most important thing is the baseband. Software version doesn't matter as much because it will all be jailbreakable in about a week or or 2

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    Okay so when I question people before I buy theres I should ask about baseband? is 01.59.00 the only one on the Iphone 4 that can be unlocked or are there a few different basebands that can be. Thanks for your help!

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    That's the only one because there are only 2 different basebands for the iPhone 4. The other one is 2.10.4 which cannot be unlocked at the moment, it probably will in a few months though
    And yes, if u don't mind waiting about a week or something for the unlock, then all u need to know from the seller is the baseband. But if u want to unlock it immediately, then it must have the baseband AND be one 4.0.1 or below
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    Ok great... is it pretty guaranteed that in a week the other baseband will be unlocked?

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    No I said the other baseband will be unlocked in 3 or 4 months. Jailbreaking and unlocking are not the same.

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    So I found a good deal on an Iphone. Its running 4.0.1 but has the 2.10.4 baseband... Im really dissapointed! I want to unlock it right away but I may just buy it and wait it out... any suggestions?

    And just to be sure one time I wont be able to jailbreak this or unlock it? Or can I just not unlock it? Thanks for the help!!!
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    Like it was said above, Jailbreaking and Unlocking are two VERY DISTINCTIVE THINGS!! You don't need to do one to have the other. You can Jailbreak and not unlock, or you can unluck and not jailbreak, or you can do both. But if you have a 2.10 baseband the only thing you can do right now is Jailbreak it, and thats it !! The only other thing you can do is buy an unlocked iphone (factory or already unlocked by someone else)

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    Ok yeah, just making sure that was the case. And like said above it will be 3-4 months before this baseband is able to be unlocked? Is that just rumors or is it pretty set in stone? Thanks.

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    U cannot unlock without jailbreaking in the united states.

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    Nobody really knows, I'm not even sure Devs can give an accurate date for that kind of stuff so early. Everyone is just hoping for a few months.

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    dont expect an unlock until after ios4.2 releases
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