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Thread: Iphone 4 Unlock 4.0.2

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    Default Iphone 4 Unlock 4.0.2
    I understand that the 4.1 cant be unlocked yet, but does anyone know if the 4.0.2 can be unlocked?

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    no why would they want to waste their time on a small update such as the 4.0.2

    wait for 4.1.

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    The unlock is dependent on the baseband, but you must also be jailbrokon to run the unlock software. Version 4.02 cannot be jailbroken but the baseband can be unlocked, therefore you you need a Jailbreak to be available. Version 4.1 has a newer baseband which cannot be unlocked and it also cannot be jailbroken. We are expecting a Jailbreak to available soon for 4.1 but no unlock is expected. My advice would be to stay where you are on 4.02 and preserve the older baseband. There is an upgrade path using TINY Umbrella to preserve the older baseband with the IP4 only but I would wait until the new Jailbreak is available to check all the available options.

    Again do not be tempted to upgrade at this stage.
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    Hi guys,
    I am new to all this iphone stuff. i have read thru the forum and pretty much understand "jailbreak" and "unlock". What I don't understand is, if everyone is saying it is not possible to unlock iPhone 3Gs running 4.0.2 on new baseband how do the phone companies unlock the phones.
    Also, I'm not so interested in jailbreaking my iphone but I need to unlock my 3Gs 4.0.2 - if I fork out $29.99 to these companies that advertise the ability to unlock "any iPhone, any OS" will I get my phone unlocked?

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    Default iPhone Unlock softwares are SCAM

    Don't fall in these scams, i can speak from personal experience that is just ********.

    I'm stuck like many others here, i just bought 4 days ago an iPhone 3GS with version 4.0.2. It seems that I cannot downgrade because of the SHSH and I don't know HOW can we solve these...


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    Save your money. They use the same free tools that are developed by dev team. They are never ahead always behind but that will not stop them taking your money giving you the old tool and when you complain telling u an update is coming soon. Tools are always free. The apple unlock is possible for any phone, they use special crypto keys which no one has and no one can crack.

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