Just bought a 3gs from a guy of craigslist, knowing that I'd be able to downgrade to 4.0.

So I went ahead and did that, worked fine. went to jailbreakme.com and that worked. Opened up cydia and downloaded ultrasn0w, it does it's thing, then reboots.

It looks for a signal for a bit, also gives me the message tht it's activating and it might take a while, but ends up saying i have no service.

I look in settings, general, about, and see i have the 5.14.02 bb. The info for ultrasn0w only goes up to 5.13.x, so i do believe I'm f'd for the time being, right? This is my first 3gs (i've had two 2g's and two 3g's) and i'm pretty sure there's no method for downgrading the BB...

has anyone heard anything from the dev team about including 5.14 in the unlock?