O.k here we go.

Purchase 3gs at att store sept of 09. Cancelled service after 4 months and switched to tmobile. Jail broke my phone, downgraded to 3.0.1. Few months later cydia was no longer working for whatever reason, recently decided to re-jailbreak the phone. During the jailbreak, the phone froze and was stuck in some reset mode. Little apple. After hours passed by I decided to just restore it using Itunes, probably a dumb idea. Now the phone is stuck in this reset mode with only an emergency call permission and the usb itunes icon showing. My phone is now locked and it is updated to the latest firmware, which I think is 4.0.2, this was done yesterday so Im awsuming this is the latest.

My question to you.

Is there a way to unlock my phone and jailbreak it again?
if so what steps should I take. I have surfed the web and checked youtube and Im getting conflicting reports.

Im guessing I would need the original ATT sim or borrow someones or buy one from ebay to get this thing working again. Unfortuantly I dont have the origianl.

I would appreciate any help or a pointing in the right direction.