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Thread: iphone troubles, need advice,

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    Default iphone troubles, need advice,
    so i have gotten a used iphone, its a 3gs and its upgraded to 4.0.2 firmware and new bootrom. its stuck on the emergency only screen, connect to itunes to activate iphone.

    i dont have a phonebook sim card "witch im told no longer works once updated" nore the original sim card to activate it.

    need advice on how to go about activating this thing then jailbreaking it and unlocking it.

    its a rogers Canada iphone. and ill be using it on fido later once unlocked.

    any suggestions? programs? using windows.

    **also should add i don't have any of the extra infos saves like blobs and stuff to downgrade and use the tools for 4.0.1 firmware.
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    Go to fido, they will locked it to fido for you. Rogers and Fido are the same company.

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    thanks for the quick reply but that solution will not work.

    fido and rogers are owned by the same company yes, however they are not interchangeable. rogers stuff does not work on fido stuff and visa versa.

    two septate entienties in the mobile world.

    plus mobile company's do not unlock and then re-lock "as i would assume they would do that 2 keep u on them" phones to their network.

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    Ive heard that rogers will work on fido phones but not the other way around. Maybe because its a parent company? who knows..
    Why dont u have the original owner hook it up to their itunes? If it is just waiting for activation then put in an activated rogers sim and voila. If it is requesting a four digit code and is asking to hook
    up to itunes then its stolen.
    Btw as far as i know theres no JB and especially unlock for 4.0.2 yet.. So lots of time to activate
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    i still don't think rogers will do **** all, is not stolen, i updated it to the 4.0.2 it was working before.

    my sister has a rogers sim ill see if i can get it to work from their.

    do iphones use a special iphone sim? or is it a normal one?

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