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Thread: TOTAL newbie needs help with unlocking ancient iphone

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    Question TOTAL newbie needs help with unlocking ancient iphone
    0kay so I am a total newbie, like i didn't even know about ziphone and jailbreaking till a today. I digress....
    About 6 hours ago I got borrowed my cousin Iphone a really old model like 2G ( I think again I am a newbie). The iphone is using a tombile sim card. I tried syncing the iphone with my computer but then the message: SIM CARD NOT COMPATIBLE appeared on my screen. Naturally Ive turned to google which led me to Ziphone.
    So for the past 5 hours ive been running ziphone GUI v3.0 (I have a windows vista PC dont know if that helps). I was able to manually restart my iphone by holding the home button and connecting to computer until the iTunes logo and cable icon appeared at which I ran ziphone and pressed the "Do it all" button.
    The program runs for about a minute: the output log simply says: Checking ZiPhone integrity...
    Searching for iPhone...
    Unable to pair with device.

    I HAVE NO IDEA what to do i mean ive been trying this for hours... but all i get is the preceding screen message for about 10 min before my iphone goes back to the locked screen with a slide for emergency calls. whomever can help please do so.... I dont know if this is even the right thread to post it in... if it isnt please tell me and ill move it to where it should be
    Again please and thank you

    the detials:

    running itunes 9.2.1
    old iphone unkown version or model (possibly 2G)
    IMEI: 01 136500 097339 0
    ICCID: 8901 2603 6243 9988 163
    ZIPHONE GUI v3.0

    steps taken:
    turn off phone
    hold home button and connect to PC
    when the itunes and cable icon appear run ziphone
    click "DO IT ALL"
    stop there the output log screen stops there

    HAVE Tried
    resting comp
    closing itunes help from taskmanger

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    Why are you making it so difficult and confusing yourself ? If you want to jailbreak and unlock , here is the guide for 2G iphone.
    How to Jailbreak/Unlock 3.1.3 iPhone 2G Windows & OS X
    Download all the appropriate tools and do the jailbreak. The jailbreak for 2G is pretty much very straigt forward.

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    Default thanks
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! You have no idea how much time and stress you saved me!!!!!!
    Really thank you very much.

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    umm.. if u were able to see ur imei and all that, why cant u see what model etc.?? just sayin..
    Crack kills... have an Apple

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    Default help
    Trying to unlock my iphone 2g with 3.1.3 on windows using:

    Hi i have a iphone 2g without a at&t sim and I have tmobile, I have been following your guide and ithink this is a great guide and it has so far been more successful than all my other attempts to unlock this phone. I have a couple questions though. the first one is that I do not have an at&t sim card and my tmobile sim card is currently inside it, does that matter?

    My main problem is that while all the other steps are successful I am having a problem at the dfu mode steps. I follow the instructions as it says them but the problem is that when it gets to the last step to hold the home button for 30 seconds, i hold it but far before the timer runs out(around 20+) seconds it skips to the next screen that says "waiting for reboot" but I have waited for an hour without seeing any sign of progress and have no clue what is going on. I was confused with the timer page switching so quickly so my other question is what do I do when it reaches to the other page; do i let go or do i continue to hold it? I need an answer please I have been trying to do this forever! thanks in advance

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