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Thread: unlock successful....but no service

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    Default unlock successful....but no service
    i successfully jailbroke and unlocked an iphone 3g using redsn0w and ultrasn0w to use with t-mobile. It works successfully once in a while but then the singal strength goes to 1 bar then searching then no service. I have the new software, version 4.0.2, and the new firmware, version 05.13.04. I just got this yesterday and i'm working 12 hours a day the next 3 days however any input would be greatly appreciated.

    I also have 3g turned off and have tried restarting it, removing and reinserting sim, and turning airport mode on/off multiple times.
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    I'm having thesame problem with thesame version of 3g and my wifi is also not working so, i can use cydia. I hope somebody will be able to help?

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    Hi guys, also having the same issue.

    I recently jailbroke and unlocked my 3g running on ios 4.0.2, bought a SIM with my carrier today and I was able to make a couple calls. I had signal bars for a while.

    When i went to disable 3g and cellular data in 'settings', that's when my phone went kaputz. Maybe the 'no signal' has to do with disabling data? I can't see how that can be connected though...

    My wi-fi is working fine though. When I go into 'settings' to select 'carrier', it only lists 'Rogers Wireless' and 'T-Mobile'. I'm with Telus... should Telus be showing up in the 'carriers' option? Funny thing, because when I go to the 'about' section it lists TELUS as my carrier....


    Alright guys, I got it to work. I had originally disabled 3G and CELLULAR DATA in my settings, but I enabled 3G and rebooted my phone and now it recognizes my carrier. I guess if you want to disable 3G, you'll have to phone your mobile company to block it instead of disabling it in the phone's settings.
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    that does not work and i have the same problem. i use long lines and we dont offer 3g i just try'd it. after i re jailbreak it has my carrier and full reception but cant call

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