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Thread: iPhone 4 Battery Draining after ultrasn0w unlock!

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    Default iPhone 4 Battery Draining after ultrasn0w unlock!
    K, so I have no idea what to do, but my battery is draining at about 5% per hour on standby.....I double clicked home and killed all the apps....I have nothing on my iphone 4 other than the JB and ultrasn0w unlock......disabled 3G and cellular data....brightness less than push for email....I have even disabled facetime...I've done a full factory restore 3 times...and the same issue happens.....I have a feeling its something to do with ultrasn0w b/c I had it jailbroken without the unlock...and the battery was doing fine...can some one please help mee...Thanksss!

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    i reply at other topic, but i have the same problem after Jailbreaking my iPhoen 4(germany).

    It seems so :

    Loaded 100% , went 11 Pm sleeping and overnight losed at standby 21%. No apps , wifi , BT or push is running in Background , also Display light at 50%.

    I recovered it and went to apple store , the guy there took it for 10 mins and made a facetime call for a test. 10 mins later he gave it me back and told me : i dont see any problems with ur battery. I went back at home and made again a Jailbreak. My battary was around 43% and overnight it was almsot dead. So i recovered it again and made a test today. Overnight it losed only 1% and not 20+%. Is there any bug maybe ? My iPhone was produced in week 23.

    sorry for my Bad spelling but talking is mutch easyer than write everything down,

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    I have the exact same problem! Before jailbreak+unlock, I would be using my phone as an iPod touch and it wouldn't need to be charged for 3 days. After the jailbreak+unlock, I've been losing around 5% per hour. I originally had 4.0 and I restored from back up, then I restored as new with 4.0.1, then I restored again as new through a 4.0 downgrade. Again, all was fine right up until I ran the jailbreak. I also disabled everything and removed activator and libhide and SBsettings but it still drains that badly. I even discharged the battery 3 times and fully charged it back overnight, but to no avail. I really hope there is some solution to this!

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    Yes I am also seeing very horrible battery life after jailbreak and unlock no matter how little I install through cydia. Even just installing the unlock by itself doesn't help much. This sucks so bad!!!!

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    So basically here's a list of what I've ALREADY tried with no success:

    1. Full cycle charge (drain to nothing and charge to 100%)
    ---a. From cable to computer
    ---b. From cable to outlet
    2. Restore from backup and re-jailbreak+unlock in iOS 4
    3. Restore from backup and re-jailbreak+unlock in iOS 4.0.1
    4. Restore as new phone and re-jailbreak+unlock in iOS 4
    5. Restore as new phone and re-jailbreak+unlock in iOS 4.0.1
    6. Removed Activator, Libhide, PreferenceLoader, and anything SBSettings related
    7. Disabled 3G, disabled Wifi, disabled Push, disabled Bluetooth
    8. Not leave anything in the multi-tasking menu (although I don't even think this would affect it)
    9. Low brightness
    10. Reseat the SIM
    11. Coat the SIM edge with nail polish to prevent the metallic coat from grounding the tray
    12. Go insane >=|

    Again, BEFORE the jailbreak/unlock, battery was lasting around 3 days for me before I needed any charge whatsoever. I still had 20% or so after 3 days.
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    Having the same freaking problem here.
    I have 3 iPhone4, jailbroken and unlocked with ultrasn0w. One of them I used as an iPod Touch before the unlock came out, and I used to get 5 days with it. Now, it barely lasts a day. Tried putting in Airplane Mode, but it still drained at 5% an hour!! Its very annoying, as almost everywhere I go, I have to take the charger with me.
    Looking forward for the fix, tried twitting musclenerd and planetbeing, but got no answer.


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    It seems like no one believes us?!?! lol...this is so sad...I guess i might just uninstall ultrasn0w until a new unlock release comes out...cuz its getting HAS to be ultrasn0w....cuz with just the jailbreak...battery is doing great....after the unlock...its bad...thanks Abras for twitting them...if anyone else has the problem..please twit to them...thanks!

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    i already tweeted planetbeing but no response. i also noticed some other ppl tweeted him and he responded with "i can guarantee you that it's not ultrasn0w"... so i don't know what else we can do or say

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    Tested today again , took my iPhone4 and the one from my Dad. The phone from my dad was nwo JB and my one i recovered to 4.0.1.

    At the morning my iPhone without JB had 100% (also now still 100%) other iPhone having now 76% at standby.

    Edit : wait few weeks , i think that not only us having this problem. Maybe few weeks later some Forum mod or Musclenerd also see it and make some tweet about this.
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    hey t3rr0r, did you run ultrasn0w on your jailbroken phone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by thepianocian View Post
    hey t3rr0r, did you run ultrasn0w on your jailbroken phone?
    yea ofc i "used" it, i am in Ukrain atm and i need it to use the Sim card here. German phones got lock.

    atm using my old 3GS cause don't want to damage my new Phone with that "Bug"?

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    Woww finally found some people whit the same problem as me, since unlock by untrasn0w was made the battery lasts for 1day at most, terrible battery drainage, its very anoying and the iphone overheats easly, lets hope some update to the unlock is made,
    the problem is not from the jailbreak, i had the jailbreak for some days and didn`t had any baterry issues
    the problem here is while in standby whit the unlock, tried to shut everything off but no luck

    1 afternoon 35% drainage receiving 2 calls of 3min, its not normal

    but from what i heard they are not aware of the problem and are not doing anything about it

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    It sounds like your phones are still consuming the battery while in standby.

    I started looking through battery reports from end users on different forums to see what battery life people were getting.

    I don't have unlock buy am jailbroken. My battery lasts about 14 to 16 hours with about 55 percent usage (meaning I'm doing something on my phone about half the time it's off a charge)

    So going off what I have seen people post about there battery and the usage stats you find in the settings application would be as following

    This woild be for a full use of the battery

    Usage: 7-10 hours
    Standby: 14-24 hours

    Now this is just average from what I have gathered some are shorter some are longer but what stays consistent is the hours of actual usage on the phone between 7-10 hours. Standby (hours sense your last full charge) tends to change depending on how spread out the end user is using those 7-10 hrs of usage.

    If your battery is draining when not doing anything then I believe you have a problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by subywrex View Post

    If your battery is draining when not doing anything then I believe you have a problem
    Not Realy ,

    I restored my iPhone Yesterday to Original iOS 4.0.1

    It was been Charget to 100% , overnoght i still had 100% . Now it is 10.05 PM and i got 93% Usage : 2 Hours 46 Min , Standby 18 Hours.

    Befor i restored it back last days i had this situation :

    Charget 100% , overnight it is 79% or lees , at the day in Standby it loses 5-8% and at using (Screen on) 1% all 3 min.

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    Yeah before you had an issue but it seems your battery is doing great now. What kinda usage was that 2 hrs? Music?

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    I thought the battery problem was just me... Phew

    Maybe it has something to do with FaceTime and the whole waiting for activation thing?

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    No it's not Facetime. I turned off Facetime on my IP4 and I'm still having battery issue. It must be ultrasn0w that's causing the battery issue. When I just did a jailbreak on my IP4, battery was doing great. But after the unlock, the battery issue started. I hope planetbeing or musclenerd can solve this issue with the unlock.
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    Found this thread searching in google... I have exactly the same, have tried to contact planet also

    Today, jailbreak with factory unlocked iPhone 4 running 4.0.1, 80% battery used in less than 24 hours with very light usage when before I would get three days out of it.

    The only thing I installed was Signal and sbsettings

    Now doing an official restore - hope this gets sorted, need the jailbreak

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    oh no, does that mean the factory unlocked will drain w jailbreak too??? cuz i already have a canadian phone being sent to me as we speak! please let us kno if u resolve it. also try removing sbsettings

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    Yes, only jailbroken and tried every combination. Only jailbreaking with no installs through cydia, the problem remains - battery drains significantly

    Now syncing after official restore - will test over next 24 hours...

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