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Thread: 3GS lost activation each time get sim in it ?!?

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    Default 3GS lost activation each time get sim in it ?!?
    i made lot's of activations on 3GSs with Universal sim..
    i have one 3GS iphone that Activated with universal sim (4.0 ver)
    each time i'm using any official sim, the iphone locked again!
    if i'm taking the origianl sim out, the iphone activated again!
    what is that? if the iphone activated with universal-sim.. it's suppose to "stay activated" right???
    why everytime i'm put in it other sims the iphoen locked again?!

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    here is the message i get..
    i have the carrier and the phone get locked again..
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    Hmmm, i have same problem :-(

    Yesterday i activated - JB - unlocked iphone 3GS 32 GB with universal card, but today i can't repeat all that on another iphone 3GS 16 GB ( not same model ).

    I have Cydia and ultrasnow 1.0.1 and installed 30 programs in itunes ( sync patch 4.x )

    When i put IN my SIM card instead universal SIM phone locked and say " connect to itunes" when i put universal sim back in .. phone said " waiting for activation - can take some time " ...

    What a hell is going on here ... maybe apple have some new trick in 4.0.1 ?!?!?


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    nop.. it's not 4.0.1
    i have 3gs that was on 3.1.2 and just upgraded to 4.0 and same problem..
    it's never had 4.0.1 on this 3gs..
    guys, this is new Apple trick.... the only way to get on it it's to restore with Custom firmware Activated! but we can't restore custom firmwares after we restored now.....

    i have some guy in my country.. saying there is a iphones-Lab (not in my City but in my Country) that fixed that for him... he don't know what they did.. but i'm trying to find out with that Lab.. (i think they won't tell me.. because they will need the $$ from me..)

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    It means that the phone was not activated before it was jailbroke/unlocked.

    Try to reverse the unlock. Restore phone, activate first and then JB/Unlock

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    This is starting to happen on newly restored iphones now. If you use a universal/phonebook sim to activate, even after jailbreaking and unlocking the phone will go to emergency screen when another sim is put in. The only way around it right now is to either restore and activate with an official carrier sim or manually patch lockdownnd.

    Invalid SIM when switching SIM after activation + jailbreak + unlock - Hackint0sh you can check here on how to patch lockdownnd.
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