Hey there,

My Brother is going over to the US in a month or so and I was gonna ask him to pick me up an iPhone 4, but obviously I wanna make sure it's not gonna be useless.

As far as I can see, the iPhone 4 is $199 in the USA for the 16GB.

Can you literally just go into the Apple Store in the US and buy the iPhone 4 for $199 and walk out without a contract, or do you have to sign up for the contract in-store? I know back when I got my iPhone 1st gen here in the UK you 'had to sign-up' to an o2 contract, but you could do it at home over iTunes.

So if he can pick up the handset and bring it back home, would I then be able to activate it and unlock it to use with my existing UK sim (I can get a microsim from my carrier)?

I've never looked into unlocking/hacktivation as I've never had to do it so apologies for the noob question!