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Thread: Apple factory unlocked vs Jailbreak/Unlocked

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    Default Apple factory unlocked vs Jailbreak/Unlocked
    SO, I wanted to clarify this and thought it would be better to start a new thread on this topic.

    I wanted to know if somebody could clarify:

    How apple Factory Unlocks their iPhones? And how this differs from the software unlock that can be performed when using ultrasnow for example on a Jailbroken iPhone.

    I don't believe that the factory unlocked iPhone's from apple have any hardware modifications, therefore leads me to believe that it's a software mod.

    Thanks for any help/input.

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    yea i think the factory unlock still has limitations than the jb unlock...idk just my opinion

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    The only difference is factory unlocked, you will always be unlocked regardless of upgrades. Software unlocks get lost in restores or upgrades which is why softwarw unlockers have to be so careful. Factory unlocked does not require a jailbreak and can never be locked back up.

    There are no hardware or software differences between these phones. A factory unlocked phone is a phone with its serial number in Apple's database. Essentially, Apple can enter your iPhone's serial or IMEI (forgot which) and immediately unlock your phone. Thats what they do in the UK. A carrier who carries iPhones officially can unlock your locked iPhone for you if you have service with them. They basically call up Apple, request an unlock for your phone, and then youre unlocked officially.

    That isnt happening in the US though so go to Canada and pick up a factory unlocked for $599/$699 or switch to AT&T lol.

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