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Thread: Iphone *3GS* unlocking question

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    f0recast says the bootloader is 6.4

    the serial is 5K006

    tinyumbrella saved the shsh files. it said something about 4.0.1 being opened in explorer. what now.
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    Did forecast say untethered: No? If it does then it's new bootrom.

    It looks like new bootrom.

    Your SHSH file should be saved now.

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    f0recast said,

    jb - yes only if shsh saved
    unlockable - no
    ththered - MAYBE, depends if refurb

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    That's inconclusive then, but looking like new bootrom..... it's basically saying that the odd chance it's an old bootrom model is if it's a refurbished unit, but I could have told you that from the serial number. Sorry.

    This will give a definitive answer:
    How to Check iPhone 3GS New Bootrom / Old Bootrom (iBoot) Version | Redmond Pie

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    well that didn't work.

    went great through step 5.
    no string to scroll through as in step 6

    Step 5: Go to "Details" and find "Device Instance ID".

    Step 6: Simply scroll through the string and you’ll find the bootrom version (iBoot) as shown in the screenshots below:

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    I'm sorry, I'm out of ideas. Maybe someone else has something else to add but, if I was you, I would wait for the new tools to come out which are supposed to be out any day which will JB new bootrom on 4.0.

    At least the phone is useable in the interim and you can concentrate on getting that second phone bought!

    Keep your daughter away from that upgrade button and the upgrade pop-ups in itunes!

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    Ok, got it. I had to connect it to a different computer.

    it is new bootrom


    I think this is as far as I need to go now anyways. Too many deals to look at before bing cashback ends tonight.
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    Just an update. I got a second phone. It arrived last thursday. I went to and did the jb then I dl ultrasn0w and unlocked it. You know how little time that took.

    Thanks westonben for all the help, I will still be haniging around picking up knowledge.

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    Thanks for reporting back. It's good to hear a good result!

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    I guess there is still no way to upgrade to 4.0 and stay jb & unlocked.

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    Yes you can. Jbme will jailbreak 4.0.1 on any bootrom and ultrasnow can unlock. You can use stock firmware for the upgrade straight out of iTunes.

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    this is what we are going to do.
    backup the phone as it is
    update to 4.0.1
    jb & unlock again.

    If things don't go right we should be able to get back where we are because cydia backed up our shsh blobs (I hope).

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    It depends which SHSH files you have saved. If you had not saved any before you will only have 4.0.1 and hence can't go back to 3.1.3

    It's a risk, but there seems to be few problems.

    You have the procedure for upgrade correct.

    Cydia tells you what files you have on store on the first screen.
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    cydia says the saved shsh is for iphone os/ios 4.0

    I assumed since the current fm is 3.1.3 that that is the shsh that would be on file, am I wrong?

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    Yes that's wrong. Cydia or tiny umbrella can only request SHSH for the latest firmware from apple. So 4.0.1 should be added to your list soon.

    There is no going back to 3.1.3 on that phone.

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    ok, I think I understand now.
    Whatever fm version Apple had out when I saved the shsh, that is the one they have on file. Now in the future I could go back to 4.0 but never farther back.

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    That's correct. I'm sure you'll be fine though.

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    clicking the update button now

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    All sorted?

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    just unplugged it and the jailbreak is running

    all done. JB & back on T-Mo
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