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Thread: When this exclusivity is over...

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    Default When this exclusivity is over...
    between Apple and AT&T, will only the latest phones be unlocked? or will Apple send out some special code to unlock ALL iPhones? Not that it really matters for me because I have a contract with AT&T, but I'm currently traveling in Israel and have my iPhone unlocked so I can use it with my Cellcom simcard. I come here quite often so I'm alway careful to upgrade the ipsw before traveling since I want to be able to use my iPhone while here.

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    Not sure what is going to happen. Right now there is a contract with AT&T until 2012. I would suggest not worrying about it right now. I think the Dev Team would still be unlocking and jailbreaking phones anyway. I cannot see apple selling unlocked phones from factory to the US. But, with Steve you never know....

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    When the contract runs out, it can almost be guaranteed that ALL current iPhones will remain locked to AT&T. In fact all iPhones purchased through AT&T even after the exclusivity runs out will remain locked to them. However, Apple will be allowed to sell phones to T-Mobile, Verizon, etc. on the side.(Wanna bet they're gonna be carrier locked too?)

    If AT&T chooses they can unlock the iPhones. In fact, they could unlock all the current iPhones if they felt like. But that burden rest on them, and solely them. It's in the contract that iPhone users sign when they buy an AT&T iPhone.

    The only good thing that's likely to come out of the whole deal, is that when(not if) apple releases non-AT&T iPhones in the states, it'll make it easier for the Dev team to exploit the baseband coding.
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