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Thread: Noob Q: Unlock Not Prev. Jailbroken 3GS running 4.0

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    Default Noob Q: Unlock Not Prev. Jailbroken 3GS running 4.0
    I'm a longtime Mac user and a pretty adept layperson when it comes to software & tweaking. HOWEVER, I'm a total Noob when it comes to the iPhone - I just got my first iPhone, a secondhand 3GS. I've been reading Lifehacker, these forums, lots of sites for over an hour, and have not been able to find the info I need. Apologies if it's in some obvious Wiki that I missed.

    The phone is a secondhand 3GS. The person who gave it to me wiped their data but they left the ATT SIM card. The phone was never jailbroken and it is currently running 4.0. B/c of the ATT SIM I was able to activate it (I think, I think - it's got the basic suite of icons on the home screen - that means activated, right?).

    All I want to do is to unlock it to use with my T-Mobile SIM card.

    Do I need to jailbreak the phone as well? If so everything I'm reading talks about Cydia and having certain files or elements left over from a previous jailbreak, but this phone was never jailbroken. As I've never played with an iPhone, I don't even know how to install apps if I don't have phone service on it.

    Any information or links would be greatly appreciated.


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    You are right, it is activated.
    In order to unlock, you have to jailbreak, think like this, the unlock is just a software running on your iPhone, an unsigned software, and in order to run unsigned software on the iPhone you have to jailbreak.

    As of now, an iPhone 3GS with iOS 4.0 that has never been jailbreaked cannot be jailbroken.
    You will have to wait for comex new 4.0 jailbreak tool, I am sorry.


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    Thanks for confirming what I suspected.

    Based on the past, any way to glean how long that will/should take or is it impossible to know?



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    Well based on tweets, comex jailbreak has already been developed, maybe there are some bugfixes, bu it has been successfuly applied on iphones. And the people working on unlock are getting good progress.
    Basically they're waiting Apple to roll out the 4.0.1 update (so the exploit isn't patched). This shouldn't take long as Apple said "few weeks". The unlock will come shortly after, I think...


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