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Thread: Wanting to Unlock Previously Activated iPhone 3GS IOS 4 for T-Mobile

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    Default Wanting to Unlock Previously Activated iPhone 3GS IOS 4 for T-Mobile
    Hello everyone,

    I have an iPhone 3GS that I unfortunately upgraded to IOS4 this morning. I bought it from someone on Craigslist and when I hooked it up to my computer it showed a phone number in iTunes, so I assume it is already activated.
    I purchassed the "unlocking software" from UnlockiPhoneUS - 1 Click, 2min iPhone 3G/3GS Software Unlock guaranteed which I hear now might have been a waste of money. Oh well, I googled iPhone unlocking and that is what came up.
    Anyway, I do not know what firmware it was running before I installed IOS4 on it. I am wondering if there is any way for me to jailbreak and unlock my phone so I can use it on T-Mobile, now that I have IOS4 installed? I have no backups so reverting back to IOS3.1.3 is not an option if I am interpreting everything correctly.
    I did some googling and found that a program called Clawpack can unlock iPhone 4 and that the iPhone-dev team has confirmed it. Is this for real? If so where do I get it?
    If there is no way to unlock my phone right now (it was received from the local Apple store about a month ago and I assume activated, if that phone number in iTunes means anything) how long does it look like before there will be an updated jailbreak?


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    ClawPack is junk. It's probably a bunch of programmers who melded all the Dev-Team tools into one program. If you paid for it, demand a refund as they are infringing copyrights. Not sure if that's really the case, as I don't know if all this JB/Unlocking is legal anyway.

    First you need to find out what bootrom version you have. Go to this site.

    Then go here if you have the old bootrom for 3GS. If you're on the new bootrom, and without saved SHSHs, then you're screwed. You'll just have to wait till JB tools are released for the new bootrom version. The unlock is already out, but w/out JB, you can't use it.

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    Thanks for answering my question. Unfortunately, my iPhone 3GS has the new bootrom, so it would appear that I am out of business...for now anyway.
    Does anyone know how long it will be before someone comes out with a JB for the new bootrom? Has this been a known problem since November when the new bootrom shipped or just since IOS4 was released?

    Best regards,

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    itll be out soon be patient...look at this.. its hope, im in the same boat as you haha
    Jailbreak iPhone 3GS New Bootrom iPod Touch Mc Models iOS 4 Possible | CrispyTech

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    im in the same boat also...

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    Thanks guys. It is a huge comfort (I'm not just saying that to be nice, believe me) to know I'm not alone!
    So, if Spirit comes out with another jailbreak for IOS4, is it worth doing? Or is there a more perminant solution likely soon?

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    yeahh i say wait for the jailbreak, itll be better and free haha other solutions will probly cost money and wont be as good

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