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Thread: Unlock gurus help me out really quick...

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    Default Unlock gurus help me out really quick...
    I have a 3GS running on the new bootrom 3.1.2 and I'm selling it to a person with tmobile. I have it setup so it is tethered (obviously) and it is currently unlocked. If I ship him the phone this way he should just have to download blackra1n and put his tmobile sim card in and go correct?

    Any surprises I should know about?

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    Check your cydia, does it say you have your 3.1.3 firmware shsh blops backed up?

    If so, edit yours hosts to use sauriks server, then restore to 3.1.3, use spirit to jailbreak, then ultrasn0w to unlock (to make it a non tethered phone)

    But if you think he'll be fine with it being tethered, just tell him to download blackra1n onto his comp
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    Interesting... it "This device has SHSHs on file for iPhone OS: 3.1.2, 3.1.3"

    Does this mean I can have an untethered phone if I do what you said?

    How do I restore to 3.1.3? It looks like the only thing I can do from Itunes is to restore to 4.0?

    Is there a really good laid out how to... to get sauriks server running? I'm kinda a noob sorry...

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    Yeah you can upgrade to 3.1.3, and have an untethered jailbreak. R u on Mac or windows?

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    Caching Apple's Signature Server - Jay Freeman (saurik)

    Give that page a read, it's good stuff

    The info you want is by the bottom, under, "Bypassing the Overlord"

    Edit: here's a guide with pics. (but read through that first link, so you have an understanding of what your doing)
    Downgrade iPhone 3GS OS 3.1.3 to 3.1.2 With Cydia SHSH | jailbreak
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    k i think it worked I was previously on 3.1.2 now I'm back restored on 3.1.2... now how do I get untethered what programs do I use?

    so now I guess I re jailbreak and re unlock using blackrain and blacksnow? and now I have a jailbroken AND unlocked on 3.1.2 that is TETHERED. If I do the same process but download the 3.1.3 firmware and do it the same exact way that I just did this... would I be able to use spirit and utrasnow to have a UNTETHERED JB and unlock... even tho I went back to 3.1.2 again?
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    yup, just download the 3.1.3 firmware, restore it, and use spirit instead of blackra1n (then install ultrasn0w in cydia)

    Edit: Heres the site for the direct download from apple (be sure no to use safari to download)
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