dear forumers, I hope this question hasn't been answered elsewhere cos I've been searching for a looooong time

I have an unlocked iPhone 3G with dead wifi - it's been dead for two years now and "repaired" three times, so I truly have dead wifi... that is not my question - it is merely background info

if I update and JB then I need to go through cydia to get to the unlock stage of the procedure - of course, cydia needs WiFi / EDGE to work.... but without a network (cos it's just been "restored", I can't access my EDGE) don't forget, my WiFi is DEAD so that isn't an option...

simply put:

1. I update - this locks out my carrier...

2. I JB - this allows me (in theory) to access unlocking options through cydia

3. I can't access cydia because my Wifi is dead and my EDGE is locked out as my service provider isn't official

4. I need to SSH FROM MacBook Pro TO iPhone in order to continue any further...

but I can't find the answer anywhere!

Do I need to use a PC in order to SSH into my iPhone?

Thanks, in advance, to the kind soul who can help me with this query...

I have a bad feeling that it's a PC only option, right?

Best regards to my saviour and the rest of the MMI community