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Thread: Unlocked 3GS - Not unlocked!

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    Default Unlocked 3GS - Not unlocked!

    I Recently bought a Sim Locked iPhone for Much cheapness (He advertised it as an iPod Touch due to the Sim Lock), its a 16gb White iPhone 3GS

    I bought it thinking that i could JB it and Unlocked it.

    It has the New Bootrom and the 5.12 Baseband.

    I noticed the Unlock is now out, so i Restored the iPhone in iTunes to a fresh 3.1.3, Jailbroken using Spirit, then downloaded Redsn0w from Cydia and installed.

    Now, i have a working 02 Simcard in my personal iPhone, so i know it works, but when put in the other iPhone (One in question), It doesnt get any signal, cannot make calls or anything, I just get the "Sim Activation, this may take a while" message and nothing else.

    Have i missed something somewhere?

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    disable 3g? you try any other sim chip?

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    I dunno how u downloaded redsn0w in Cydia, but ur looking for ultrasn0w

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    Sorry. It is ultrasn0w I have. Both sims I have tried are working. Do I need to use a non activated one then activate it? Or worse case. Maybe the phone is stolen? Can the operators do anything to prevent the phon being used? The phone was on 02 when I bought it. And I'm using 02 sims to test it

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    Do you get a little dot for service, or do you get "no service"?

    is your 3g off?

    if its a o2 phone, and you have o2 sims, does the phone work when its not unlocked?

    I really don't think they can do anything about it, if its stolen, at least here in america they don't do anything about it. But if that somehow is the case, you will have to wait for the next hacktivation solution for your device (which shouldn't be long)
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    The phone doesnt work even with my working 02 Sim, When i put my Sim in, it comes up with an error saying "Restricted Network - Your selected network is restricted, you can choose a different network in settings"

    Ive Selected 02 in my Network settings, i dont have any Sims apart from 02 to test other networks

    I get the "Dot", But no Signal bars

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