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Thread: 3GS Jailbreak/Unlock Questions - Please help

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    Default 3GS Jailbreak/Unlock Questions - Please help
    Hey everybody, i have a question about my jailbroken iphone.
    Currently I am running 3.1.2 jailbroken with blackra1n untethered with modem firmware 05.11.07. My jailbreak works fine and i am running with my legit ATT sim card

    I want to sell my phone after I get the iPhone 4. I would like to unlock it as well as jailbreak it, because I think I can get more money for it with those mods made to it.

    I am just looking for conformation that this works. I want to Restore my Iphone, then run blackra1n to jailbreak and install cydia, rock, and sn0w, then sell it on ebay or something.

    If I do this, will I have to activate my phone first with my legit att simcard, then take it out and put in a friends Tmobile to test? Or do I not need to activate the phone at all? If I do have to activate it with my SIM, will that leave any of my info on the phone when I sell it to a stranger? Also can I relock the phone if I end up not selling it on eBay, or do I not even need to bother?

    please help

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    If you restore it, you have to restore it using 3.1.2, and not the new 3.1.3. And if you do that, you first need to ensure you have your 3.1.2 SHSH backed up in Cydia, update your host file to point to Saurik's server and not Apple. Google or search this form for that procedure.
    3.1.3, with the latest 05.12 baseband is currently not don't restore to that!

    I would avoid restoring unless you deem it absolutely necessary. My recommendation would be to erase all personal contacts/email accts/music/data manually (through iTunes for instance), then unlock your phone using ultrasn0w. This will allow any GSM sim to be used and yes, you can test with a friend's tmobile sim.

    If you decide not to sell on ebay, you don't have to re-lock it. When you upgrade to iOS4, it'll relock itself.

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    i think he is asking for Iphone 4G instead of OS 4.0
    the unlock isn't out yet and the baseband will be a even newer one than 5.12.01 (which isn't unlockable at the moment) so iphone 4g might and might not able to.. i think you should wait for a bit before you decide
    i too thinking of getting 4G but i will probably get a Unlock one's to begin with.. unlocking phones aint so user friendly

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    thanks for the info

    at the top of cydia it says

    "This device has SHSHs on file for iPhone OS: 3.1.2, 3.1.3)"
    So I guess that is good. I am confused tho, I don't know how to access my SHSH and I don't know how it has it for 3.1.3 because I've never had it on my phone.

    Also is there is a few more questions I have:

    1: How do I restore it to 3.1.2 and is there a reason to avoid doing this?

    2: is there added benefits to me using ultrasn0w instead of sn0w which is available to me thru my blackra1in app?

    3: After unlocking with sn0w/ultrasn0w can i relock the phone back to my 3.1.2 or do I just need to upgrade to iOS4 when it comes out, then re-jailbreak with whatever method is out for it?

    Sorry, I know I have a lot of questions but I just want to make sure I am doing the right things

    also just to clear it up, i'm not concerned with any jailbreaks/unlocks for iphone 4. i just want to clean out my iphone 3gs, keep it on 3.1.2, jailbreak it, unlock it, sell it
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    Here are the instructions to restore 3.1.2 using the Cydia backed up SHSH:
    Restore iPhone 3GS to 3.1.2 Using SHSHs on File with Cydia | Windows

    1. I only suggested not restoring just in case something goes wrong You're already jailbroken, now all you need to do is a simple unlock and erase your data. Seems simpler than doing the procedure mentioned above.

    2. I've only used ultrasn0w to unlock, so I don't know. It's worked well for me every time, and I've read only good things about it. I'd google what you have currently, and see if it will work well (guessing it will be fine).

    3. No need to re-lock if you stay on 3.1.2. Unlocked or locked, it will function the same for you on AT&T. Unlocking is only a benefit if you want the phone to function on other GSM networks, or if you want to make more money selling it on ebay
    When iOS4 is out, and you decide to keep your phone (and on AT&T), you can upgrade it through iTunes.

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    thanks for the info alex, your the best

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